Saturday, June 28, 2008

First Day of (relative) Freedom

Today was our first full day out of the hospital! We enjoyed it! We traveled to an undisclosed location (not far from the hospital), ate a delicious bbq lunch, played at the park, had ice cream and visited with family. It was fun! We are getting the hang of the IV medication and think tomorrow will be much smoother. We've got it all figured out, just learning how to time everything for the most possible sleep! Speaking of which, we both woke up feeling absolutely exhausted this morning. We missed the nurses! The hotel bed was like sleeping on rocks and we both had sore backs and necks today. Dan said he was wishing for his hospital bench!

Yesterday after the home health nurse showed up an hour late to train us, we joined the Rollers for dinner before they had to pack up and head home. Drew fell asleep in the car on the way home and slept through his oral meds, IV meds & dressing change. I guess he was tired! Ava slept with my parents in the hotel room right next door and we could hear her singing herself to sleep past ten o'clock!

We were very sorry to miss our friends' wedding today. Congratulations to Tony & Kristina! We wish we could have been there to celebrate with you today and look forward to seeing all the pictures!

Drew passed out at the hotel

Self portrait

Drew showing us his IV eclipse ball

Enjoying some ice cream in honor of Kate

Walking with John


Kate said...

oh, drew looks so cute walking along with john! just a little shoutout to h & j, i think you're the bee's knees! or is that bees' knees? i'm glad you had a fun day out; maybe you guys need favorite blankets or something for the hotel. not that you aren't already going to need a moving truck to get all of your stuff back home! kisses to all.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dan and Andrea,

Kristie and I have been keeping up with your blog and Drew's progress ever day, and are so happy things are looking better than ever and Drew has been released. I can see your family members and friends have been a great support, but you two are the best. I don't know how you have held up and become the expert advocates you seem to be. We will be following your adventures and thinking of you all. Love, Connie

Katie Scott said...

So glad that you had a fun day of freedom! I think that picture of Drew and John just walking along is so cute! We miss you and pray that all goes well this week and you can come home!

Vanessa said...

Looks like you guys had a good day. I'm sorry your bed was not comfortable but I'm sure it was nice to have Drew sleeping right next to you. Hope the rest of your weekend is enjoyable and you get more rest.

The Portas said...

I'm sooooo glad you're relatively free! The pics are all wonderful. Praying for a few more fun days for you all before you get to pack up and HEAD HOME! I hope you're all able to get some rest. Hugs to you!!!! xoxoxo

Anonymous said...

The 'Bergers are always welcome to the Land of Oaks where children have no rules!

And, Kate, we think you're the snake's ankle!

- H

Jennifer Herring said...

That's great! We'll keep praying that things continue to go well!


Lexi said...

YAY for happy smiles and good news!!! Boo for uncomfortable
beds:( Hope you have a great night tonight!!! Still praying that everything continues to go great.
The Sheridans

Christa said...

wow, what an incredible journey and you all finally look free! As free as can be expected anyway...please call me and let me know when we can have you over for a playdate. We would love to host you this weekend for a BBQ, so let me know!

Anonymous said...

I call your mom every day to see how you are all doing. We have people praying for Drew and your family in our church group and our Italian club, too. I don't call you because I know you are so busy, but please know that our love is with you every minute.
Grandpa Oddone and Grandma Maria