Sunday, June 8, 2008

Post-Op Days 15 & 16

So, we've been without internet at the hospital for a few days. I'm hoping they'll have it fixed by tomorrow. I've been having internet withdrawals and finally went back to Kathy's to get my fix. Sorry if the lack of posts worried anyone, everything is pretty much holding steady here.

Drew had a great day yesterday and I did write an entire post about it and will try to recover it later. Basically he rode his bike all around the corridors and pretty much acted like his normal self. Ava had a total meltdown at the hospital and almost broke my heart when it was time for her to go back to Grandma's. She was sobbing hysterically and saying "miss mommy daddy drew." Then Drew's dressing change last night was the worst one we've had yet and he was more than just irritated, he was fully crying with tears and everything. My heart was broken twice in two hours and I had myself a good cry that night. Then Drew woke up on & off all night having nightmares and saying "ow, no!" and then woke up with pains in his legs and feet. It wasn't a very restful night.

Today, he was not acting like himself. After he woke up his face looked swollen, and he hasn't been peeing very much, even though he is still on two diuretics. He was grumpy all day and after playing in the playroom for a short while he asked to go back to his bed. He felt warm to me and they took his temp and he did have a fever. His oxygen was a little lower than it has been too. I am worred about a respiratory thing, which would just be our luck. They did more blood cultures and so far it looks like no infection. Our second roommate since we've been on the floor went home today. We liked them and Miles (20) had an impresive recovery, going home today on post-op day 3!

That's all for now, please pray for strength and endurance and comfort for Drew. I am mentally, emotionally, and spiritually exhausted and it looks like we've got at least another week.


Our Family said...

Thanks for the update. I was going between really worried, and really excited. Then I saw a picture of you on Briggs blog, so I knew you were still there!
I'm sorry yesterday and today have been trying on your emotions, strength and faith. Drew has been doing so well, and it must be such a bummer to feel like the past two days weren't full of progress. But you will be home soon.
As for Ava, that must've kicked you in the gut. Just try to think of what a strong, compassionate and independent young adult she will turn out to be with her experiences as "Drew's Sister". Our second-born children inherit a lot of stuff having heart brothers, but I truly believe they will become amazing people as a result.

Katie Scott said...

Ah, man. I am sorry that both of your kids had rough patches, and without your hubby there to help you through it. I am praying that tomorrow Drew will be back to his normal self...

carl said...

Keep on chuggin'. It is rough with the children and family life / not having their routine. I'm sure poor Ava doesn't know what to do. We're all still praying for the quickest restoration to your routine.

Don't know if they mentioned anything to you or not but ...
...the leg and foot pain --and probably any large muscle pain for him, is his body getting used to a higher oxygen content. It takes a little while for the muscles to get used to the new environment. Not much one can do about it --maybe see if tylenol helps. It also will go away soon.

Glad to hear from you. Val was becoming a nut case though I assured her if something was wrong, you would have found a way to get news out.

char said...

i hope drew feels better soon...and you too. i'm praying that you'll all be home soon.

Vanessa said...

I was getting a little worried, thanks for the update. I'm so sorry you had a rough day. I hope things mellow out and Drew feels better after a good nights sleep.


Kate said...

sometimes it seems like the whole world and everything in it is just undignified and "worrrd." that's when you remember to call on us the most, right? i'm always here for you to be a crankpot and kick at.

Anonymous said...

I was a little worried about you. I'm sad to hear Drew had a rough time with his dressing. I will continue to pray that he will be as comfortable as possible and be happy. Poor little guy.

I will pray for Ava girl too. She has been such a good girl so far and it's totally normal for her to eventually decide that enough is enough.

I'm praying that you and Dan can have more "dates" together. Even if it's for 45 minutes. You need to stay connected to get through this as a team. You are both doing a great job.

Stay strong and cry as often as needed. It's good to just let it all out.

We miss you!

Praying continually,