Tuesday, July 1, 2008


I meant to do a post last night, but I fell asleep!

Sunday was spent having a yummy breakfast with my parents before they headed home to Southern California, then visiting with Grandma Kathy at her house. Drew was so happy to be there playing with her cars and dinosaurs and watching videos. Our friends Andrew & Katie came by after the As-Giants game and we had pizza with them and their sweet baby, Chloe. The kids were content to push buttons on the video games there, even though we didn't give them any quarters to make the games actually work. Then it was back to the hotel for baths and medicine and bed.

Monday we all got up and got ready to go do "something fun." Our idea was to take them to the Palo Alto Children's Museum and Zoo, but we didn't mention it in case it was closed. It was a good thing, because it is closed on Mondays. We went to the park instead and watched some diggers doing construction on a nearby lot. Afterwards we took Drew to the hospital for his wound check, which took about one minute after 45 minutes of waiting. The PA said it looks great, but to continue keeping it covered. Then we dropped off a gift for baby Giovanni who has been at the hospital for more than two months and needs to stay until after his second surgery in August. We had lunch at the cafeteria, then brought Ava back to the hotel for her nap and Dan was able to get some work done. My friend Liz and her two kids came to visit all the way from Sacramento and we went for a walk to a nearby park and let the kids play for a while and we visited. She brought us a delicious dinner and it was so nice to eat some real food since we've been having so much restaurant food lately.

Today we are going to try the zoo again and then my friend Julie is coming to visit and we plan to have a mini spa day. I can't wait! I'll try to be better about taking pictures, but here are a few I took in the last few days.

The kids "playing" video games

Ava at the park


Valerie said...

Yay!! For sleep, that much needed thing!

Guess where I am going tomorrow? To pick up lots of fireworks for Drew and Ava. A girlfriend of mine is a higher up, mucky muck for Red Devil and she wants to give you guys fireworks for when you come home.

Raffle tickets are still on sale, please contact me if you have not bought yours.


The Portas said...

I'm so glad to hear about the somewhat normal, fun days you guys are having. Thank goodness for good friends. I'm glad you guys are being taken care of so well. You're an amazing family! Keep up the good work! xoxoxo

Katie Scott said...

Hi to our favorite Himmels!! It was so fun to see you on Sunday and eat some yummy pizza together. We are praying for a clear bill of health on Thursday so you can come home!!!

Kate said...

sounds fun! i am completely and utterly out of things to comment on your blog with, apparently. :-) just imagine me laughing for no reason, that'll fill some time.

Amber said...

Gone are the days at my house when you could get away with no quarters! :^) It's good to see everyone out and about.

Anonymous said...

I am praying away that you will be released to come home this week. On the completely off chance that they don't release you and you need a place to stay I have a friend who lives near by where you are who is very willing to take you all in. She has a guest room and toys (she is a grandma) and she isn't even home much at all during the day. Marion is my bestfriend's mom and years ago they stayed with a friend of ours in PA for months while her husband received a new heart. She and my friend Vickie are ready to "pay it forward" should you need a place for a night or several. Just say the word. Still, if I were a betting woman I would place money on the anticipation that you will be going home on Thursday.

Jen L.

Anonymous said...

YAY!! i'm getting excited! i am hoping and praying that you'll be home on thursday and ready to party on friday!! how does a good ol fashioned BBQ sound? see you soon (fingers crossed).
love and hugs,

Jennifer Herring said...

I'm so happy to see that you guys have been able to do some "normal" things!

Still praying,