Saturday, June 14, 2008

Post-Op Day 22

Drew had a pretty good day today. We had a lot of visitors and he had a good time playing with everyone. There was one incident when one of the child life specialists kicked our friends (one of whom is a child life specialist that works with heart kids at another hospital) & their therapy dog out of the hospital that had me pretty upset, but besides him being a jerk, our day was pretty good. We made a trip to visit the train, a trip to the gift shop, spent some time in the play room and doing pet therapy with "Stanford approved" dogs.

Medically, today we added back another IV diuretic, Diuril, and another IV antibiotic, cefotaxime. At rounds they said that the effusion "doesn't look a lot worse," and that we probably weren't going home in the next few days, which is no surprise to me. They still don't have the results from the blood work back yet, apparently it takes a few days. Drew has been on between .5 to .75 liters of oxygen and satting between 94-97. He did well at both dressing changes, but the skin around his incision is looking kind of an angry red color (warning, there is a picture to follow), which is not great news. We have now been on IV antibiotics for 13 days, you would think the infection might be getting under control by now. His cough sounds awful, but he's not sick or contagious, it's just his lung being crowded by fluid. I hope and pray that the fluid is eradicated quickly.

Siri, Matthew and their rogue dog, Greta, visit with Drew

Drew's angry red infected incision

Grandpa Mark enjoying pet therapy with Drew

More pet therapy (I think I need margarita therapy)

Drew's Sunday school teacher, Miss Marisa

Ava blowing bubbles on one of the patios at LPCH

Drew being goofy and putting the cannula on top of his nose


Kate said...

haha yes, i do like your comments. man, drew's incision site has gone through so many stages. back here is where you guys should be. it's getting to the point where i'm going to be punching birds in the face all day, and it's hard on my little stumpers to be jumping that high. also, i am *still* irritated at that guy, and i do not promise to not make a scene if i meet him. follow that? himmel love!

Anonymous said...

Eben says he wants you all to come back he misses you. He says that the hospital room is too small for all of you. I think he's right. Eben also wanted to let you know he is praying that Drew's incision heals up right.

Sorry I haven't been down to see you this week. I've been fighting a cold and taking care of a sad teething baby. Yes, I said teething at 3 months! One tooth's coming through the gums and the other one is on it's way. My crazy little baby.

We miss you! Happy Father's Day, Dan. Sorry you have to spend it in the hospital. We are praying that you come home real soon.

Love to the Himmels!

Jen, Eben, Pete & Ella

Valerie said...

That incision does look angry! Mrs. Andrea you will be able to write a novel when this is all said and done and make millions! You are such a good writer.

I have had another item added to our raffle, go check out my blog and the new photo and if you haven't bought a ticket......

Shannon said...

Hi Andrea
I feel your frustration and send you a virtual margarita (do you think an approved Parent Life Dog could carry it in?)

I am pleased to see more smiles in Drew's pictures but how on earth he is smiling and moving about and playing with that incision still so raw is beyond me. Honestly, the poor guy.

I know you are flat out but if you get a moment could you explain the plan at the moment. You have been telling us the day by day events but what is actually keeping you at Stanford? Is it the effusion or the infection or both? I am sure you are trying to figure out what it takes to go home and i would love to understand that better.

In terms of the actual surgery and repair, have all the echo's shown it to be a success?



Grandma said...

Happy Father's Day, Dan. You will have gift certificates from your favorite bargain shopping place, Kohls, waiting for you when you get home. Thanks for being such a wonderful dad to our grandkids and we are so lucky to have you for a son-in-law!

Love, Anne and Steve

Baker Family said...

Any news on transfering to your local hospital? Good thoughts your way!

Vanessa said...

The top of his incision looks horrible. I hope the next set of antibiotics gets this under control. Poor Drew needs to get better soon so you all can get your things and run out of there.

carl said...

Those wet to dry dressings are supposed to only go into the part of the would that is packed. Not be on the outside of the wound or on top of his chest. That lower wound looks as if it should be transitioning into dry only. What you have there looks like yeast irritation. Since the antibiotics have also gotten ride of "normal flora" bacteria, nothing is giving those yeasties any competion. They love warm moist, so start drying out and opening up as much of that area as possible that is not packed or draining. That "derm" dressing on the side also need to get taken off/pealed back a bit to expose the reddened skin beneath. There is yeast beneath it too.

carl said...

Shoot, I wasn't finished.

It's time to be assertive again. See if they are doing fungal (blood) cultures also.