Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Post-Op Day 11

So a couple days ago when we said 7 more days...apparently that was a lie. We were told today that we would be here about two more weeks. Drew's chest tubes are still putting out a significant amount so they will not be pulled before the antibiotics are finished. On the positive side, Drew had a very good day today activity-wise. He went to preschool in the lounge, played in the playroom twice and took quite a few steps around the train. His friend Eben came to visit today along with Eben's mommy and daddy and baby sister. I got out for a bicycle ride with Pete (Eben's daddy) which really was a great diversion from the hospital. Andrea went for a walk with Jen (Eben's mommy) while Drew took a nap and Eben watched a movie with Drew's Grandma Kathy. Just now the nurse changed Drew's bandages and there is a portion at the very top of his incision that looks worse than the section that they debrided and packed. Until now, the part at the top had only been slightly red (we thought from his chin resting on it) and not oozing at all. Awesome. Can't wait to hear what the surgeons say about this one. Tune in tomorrow for the update.


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that you got out for a bike ride Dan I am sure the change of scenery did you some good. We are continuing to pray. Tommy is really looking forward to seeing Drew on Thursday he keeps asking "Tomorrow is Wednesday or Thursday because Thursday I will see Drew" Let us know if you need us to bring anything for you.

Allison said...

Gosh that sucks! I am so sorry that this go-around wasn't easier. Hang in there & never forget how much everyone truly cares for you! Again, I am so sorry that none of this is coming easy.
But very glad to hear that Drew is feeling a little more like himself!
Hang in there!

Vanessa said...

I'm so sorry you guys are in for another 2 weeks...but whatever it takes, right. Sound like you guys had a nice day, getting out for a bit. Keep doing those little things to keep your sanity. I wish I lived close so I could come help. Get some rest.


The Portas said...

Still praying so hard for you guys! I'm sad to hear that you'll be there a bit longer than anticipated. Just know that you are surrounded in prayer and love. We're all here for you! Hug that Drew for me. What a trooper he is. xoxoxoo

Amber said...

I'm so sorry to hear the disappointing news.
Hang in there! I know this doesn't help you, but I'm learning so much from your family, through your experience.

Shannon said...

I am sorry about the setbacks and the lack of a clear path home right now.

I am glad things are improving for Drew even though he must still be very uncomfortable with the chest tubes and the wound infection.

I am sorry its not easier. I hope the next step is forward.

Carrie said...

I'm sure the setbacks are so hard, and knowing that it could be 2 more weeks is incredibly frustrating. It does, however, sound like you have triumphed in helping to heal little Drew's spirit! We all know how powerful a little smile can be and I'm sure his smiles will help heal and soothe your anxieties as well. I'm so glad both you and Andrea were able to take some time to regroup with a friend and get some sunshine and exercise!

Isabelle & Calista's Mommy said...

I am so sorry about having to be there longer. I know that can't be what you want or expected.

I am glad that Drew had a visitor and that he is making progress.

Glad that you got to get out and relax too Dan! Thanks for the post!

Hang in there guys!! Please let us know what you need.

Kristen Ewers said...

You must have really needed that ride, Dan. I hope Pete pushed you hard to work off all that pent up frustration and stress! We are so dissapointed for your news yesterday. It must be hard not to feel discouraged, hard to still wait on God and trust His plan. But hope and wait and trust are more essential now than before. We will continue to pray for endurance in this time.

Kathy said...

I have a theory....
Drew is just hanging around to see if he can be roommates with Isaac. TWO MORE WEEKS...I can't believe it! I thought we were the only ones that lingered at the place for a month!!!
That just makes me sad! Because I KNOW how tough it is being there that long...for everyone! I'm so glad that you have friends and family surrounding you...it's so hard to do alone.

Looks like Drew deserves another toy package...(it's a great thing that I LOVE to shop!)

Can't wait to hear what the surgeons say about his new yucky spot...don't keep us waiting FOREVER!

We love you guys!
You're being so strong...you can get through this!!! (with your sanity in tact...)

Molly said...

Hmmm.... 2 more weeks pretty much sucks. But Praise God that the doctors are making sure he's in tip top health so you don't have any complications when you do get to go home. Praying for strength and perseverance! And glad to hear that Dan got out for a ride. I'm sure it was MUCH needed!

UbrStrBksMom said...

Yuck... sorry to hear aobut the set back...so frustrating for you guys...

Glad to hear you both got out and had some grown up time!


Katie Scott said...

So sorry for more disappointing news. I am glad though that you were both able to get out of the hospital today and get some exercise. Always does wonders for the spirits. Still praying for you guys and we'll see you on Friday!

Anonymous said...

I don't you or your little guy, Drew. I Just happened to stumble upon your blog cruising around. I have been reading along since before you entered the hospital. I've wanted to post something for awhile but I keep putting it off. I can't any longer. The two of you (mom and dad) are beyond words when it comes being parents. If I could be just a schmiggen( it that even a word???) of what you two are I would be blessed. God gave you a gift when he blessed you with Drew. He knew that the strength and love that the two of you share would be strong enough to substain the trials and tribulations he has bestowed on you.

God bless you both. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

I'm really looking forward to the post of homeward bound.

Taria M. said...

I can only imagine that feeling of having so many "ups" and "downs". I know that you guys are so loved, and that you're being prayed for all over! My prayer is that God continues to lift Drew's spirits and that the more he comes back to being himself, the stronger and healthier he'll get.

A word of encouragement:
"I cling to you; your strong right hand holds me securely."

~ Psalm 63:8, NLT

Sending love and prayers to you all,

Liz said...

From my childhood days of watching BeWitched, I wish I could blink my eyes and twitch my nose to have you all back at home where you should be... We continue to pray for Drew and each of you...