Sunday, June 15, 2008

A quick update & a funny video

I was planning to arrive to the hospital early and try to at least pick up a card & some coffee for the most amazing father & husband for Father's Day. But, my plans were thwarted when I found out after my shower this morning that Ava had been throwing up since midnight. Poor baby. This is her first sickness and I heard her throwing up with Grandma Kathy and she was saying No more and I don't want to! I called her doctor in Sacramento and they said this throwing up thing is going around and she should stop within 6-24 hours and to just give her clear fluids the rest of the day. So the post on what a great dad Dan is will have to wait, but just know that he is the only father that I see here sleeping at the bedside every single night. I think he's on Day 17 of sleeping in the hospital.

Here is a video we took of Drew high on his meds last night. He is so goofy!


Anonymous said...

Hey Dan.....HAPPY FATHER'S DAY to the best dad ever! Your kids are very lucky to have you as a dad! And we are very lucky to have you as a nephew.
Lots of love, UT & AL

Grandma said...

Hi, Dan. We posted our Father's Day message on last night's blog, so take a look to know what your present is.

Happy Father's Day!

Steve,Anne,Rachel and Thomas

Katie Scott said...

So sad that Ava is sick. I hope she feels better soon and that nobody else gets it.

That video of Drew is so funny. It's like he is running in bed.

Dan--Happy Father's Day! Sorry you have to spend it in the hospital. Hope to see you soon...

Kathy said...

Happy Father's Day DAN!!!
It's takes a GOOD man to sleep at a hospital and my Joe are what good dads are made of...
It just makes my eyes many kids aren't as fortunate...Drew couldn't have picked a better mom and dad (and little sister)!!!

urrghh..and that scar...I can't believe it still looks like that!! (are you still freaking out inside??)

I love the video of Drew...You'll have to show him that when he's older and you're telling him NOT to do drugs!

Hope you guys have a wonderful Sunday!! Keep hanging in're almost home!!!

Lots of love,

Matthew said...

Drew is cute on meds....i remember when we were there and a few minutes after getting them he was like "i am feeling better now"...what a courageous little guy!