Friday, June 13, 2008

Post-Op Day 21

Oh my goodness. It's Friday again. I am really starting to dread the weekends! It just marks another week here, another week lost. And the play room has limited hours on the weekends. In case anyone from LPCH is reading this, it doesn't matter if it's a weekend to kids in the hospital, they still want to play!

Drew was in a pretty good mood today after falling asleep at 5:00 yesterday afternoon and sleeping until morning. We tried to wake him up a few times to eat dinner, but he would just go back to sleep and he even went right back to sleep after his dressing change last night. I wasn't here because Ava was back from Heather & John's house and I took her home to put her to bed. That's a whole story by itself. Let's just say she didn't go to sleep quickly and quietly. She may have been wailing "I miss my daddy all day!"

Anyway, we took Drew to the play room this morning in his wagon and left it right outside the room in the hallway. And when we came out twenty minutes later, it was gone, along with two of his dinosaurs and my camera that we left sitting in it. I was so mad! I hate it when people steal wagons anyway, but I get that they just want a wagon for their kid. But when there is personal property inside, you'd think you could at least say "hey can we borrow this?"

So, we looked in all the rooms on 3 West to no avail. The clerk called security and he came to take a report. I was so bummed that my camera was missing! And no sooner did he leave us with the number to the Palo Alto police department, did I find the wagon back at the play room in its original location WITH all of our things inside! Hooray!

Drew did awesome for his dressing change today. Seriously, no crying, no wincing, no saying ow, it hurts. He even smiled and gave someone a pound. And he didn't immediately put his shirt back on afterwards. Lortab & ativan combo is the way to go! He's still on oxygen, but we may have found the reason why today. The chest x-ray shows a decent sized pleural effusion (fluid pocket around his lung), which would definitely account for low oxygen saturations and coughing. The bad news is the surgeons may want to put a chest tube in to take care of it. The other option is increased IV diuretics, so that's what we're praying for. At three weeks post-op we are supposed to be getting rid of tubes and lines, not adding them.

Thanks for keeping us in your prayers, even with this unfortunate news things don't seem quite so unbearable today.


Molly said...

I'm soooooo glad you found the wagon with your stuff... particularly your birthday camera! That would have completely sucked! Sigh... I've been thinking about you folks a lot today, especially because I remember you saying when you were gearing up for the hospital that you were getting prepared for the "worst case scenario" and planning on being away 3 weeks. Now 3 weeks have come and gone and you're still there. My heart weeps for you guys. When you think you can't go on, when you think you're too exhausted to keep going, keep your eyes on the finish line. Know that Jesus is running right beside, helping you keep pace. Look to those who have gone before you (other heart parents) who have run that race and gone through times of testing and discouragement, but they made it and you will too! The finish line is in site... keep running! And if you have to stop and rest and shed a tear, do it! Because nobody can really comprehend how hard your race is... except Jesus!

Valerie said...

Hello there! At least they found the reason, yay!

Yesterday I went to REI and found the cutest swim shirt for Drew (they are quite popular now)and will be good while his incision continues to heal.

Everyone, we are selling tons of raffle tickets and the deadline to buy them is Saturday June 21. If you would like one, please check out my Family blog.

Love you!

Anonymous said...

Hi Andrea,
I just left a post on yesterdays comments, crazy timing. Take care and we will hope and pray for the IV instead of the chest tube. I knew your mommy instinct meant something. Take Care.

JABBY said...

YAY! i like all your stories...finding the camera, drew's courage during the dressing change, you feeling pretty positive about the lung stuff, etc. all of them except poor ava baby :( i'm sorry she misses her little family so much-and as much as she is well taken care of by the rest of your family and friends, nothing tops her mommy, daddy and big brother. i'm praying you'll be out the door sooner than later and back home where we can all see you more often and give you all big squeezes and snugs :)
we miss you guys so much,things just aren't right without you here. keep reading thru your encouragement book that kate made you. meditate on the verses that were picked for you specifically and all the kind words and love. i think it's just what you need on the homestretch. we love you guys and lift you up to Jesus, the great physician.
hugs, rose

Katie Scott said...

I love that you are keeping your sense of humor through all of this. I can totally hear you saying that about Ava, that she might have been screaming all day. I am sorry that she is having a rough time too. I am so glad that you found the camera--that was purchased with love!!! I will pray that the doctors decided not to put in a chest tube...

Kathy said...

Gosh...someone taking the wagon would have made me SO mad!!! (we use to hide ours in our bathroom so no one would take it!!)

I'm leaving for Stanford on, If you're around on Tuesday...I"ll pop in to see you...but, I'd prefer it if you could talk your little man into going home!!!

I'm keeping that drug combo in the back of my head for if this ever happens to Isaac. You should write a manual for extended hospital stays for families!!!

Thanks for the update!

Vanessa said...

I can't believe someone would take your wagon with all your things in it. How frustrating!! I'm glad you got everything back though.

I'm so glad the new drug combo is doing the trick.

I hope they do the IV lasix and that takes care of the pleural effusion.



The Portas said...

Drew is so brave! I'm so happy that you found the right drug combo for the dressing changes. I'm sure this helps you emotionally, too. I'll be praying that the diuretics is the way to go and that it gets rid of the extra fluid. It's good to have an answer about why he's needing the extra O2! Hang in there....hopefully this is the last weekend you'll have to be there. Thinking of you always! xoxoxo

Lill said...

Meredith's Mom-in Law here..Still praying for Drews full recovery and a swift release from the hospital for all of you. Andrea-think of you often and admire your strength and your resolve to keep on top of all the medical issues. Hang in there!

Mother in Chief said...

Just wondering how the eating is going and if it turned out to be chylous? As soon as I have a free hour, I'm still planning on swinging by with some banana cream- and strawberry-flavored Pediasure.