Sunday, June 8, 2008

Yesterday's post and some pictures

Here's the post I was trying to write yesterday before the internet disappeared. Yay for the internet being back!

Have you seen my friend Valerie's blog? She is amazing! She's putting together a raffle to benefit our family and help with the expenses we've had since we've been in the hospital. Check it out if you're interested. Thank you Valerie!

Drew seems to be back to his usual self. He still doesn't like the twice a day dressing changes (I don't either!), but he is doing better with them. He had another chest x-ray this morning, haven't heard how it looks, but I'm assuming it's still good. He's off of fluid restriction which is great, because he really wants water. Drew rode his Lightning McQueen bike around the "race course" on the roof, a lap around the second floor and a lap around the first floor. He goes really fast! I wish I had my camera on the roof because he looked so cute in his helmet and sunglasses and tennis shoes.

Dan is gone until tomorrow night. He went to Tahoe for Tony's bachelor party and even though we'll miss him, I'm glad he went. I think he could really use the time away from the hospital. And now he'll owe me!

So today we've still got the IV vancomycin every 8 hours and all his other meds are oral, including the gross potassium, which he's back to getting 3 times a day again. I convinced them to leave his pulse ox off since he gets burns from it and he's been so stable. So now they just check it when they check his vitals. They want to do a post-op echo, but there hasn't been a convenient time to do it yet, and since we'll be here for a while, there's no hurry.

I have met some really interesting families since we've been here and I've convinced myself that this is why we're still here. I have some connecting to do. Our new roommate is 20 years old and is amazing. He had surgery on Thursday night, and moved into our room on the floor on Friday morning. Less than 24 hours in the ICU! Friday night he was sitting in a chair and eating. This is his third surgery so I had lots of questions for him and he's been so sweet and accommodating. He said he really didn't remember being on the ventilator and only remembers waking up with it still in and gagging on it until they took it out. He says the chest tube is definitely the worst part (which makes me sad because Drew had two for two weeks), but the other pain is not as bad as he thought it would be. We also met another very sweet family that has a one-year old and they live in Citrus Heights! I told them about our support group and they plan on trying to make it to some meetings.

Ready for his bike ride on the roof

With Mommy and Grandma

Taking a break from the hospital to get a mani/pedi

Darcy came to visit (with Dee & Isabelle) and played Hi Ho Cherry-O with Drew


Our Family said...

I'm so glad that you have been able to connect with other heart families. My friend's brother had a baby at Stanford on Wednesday, with the possibility of being left-hypoplastic. They don't have a diagnosis yet. My friend Rebecca keeps up with your blog, and knows you are there. She was looking for you and Drew when they walked by the train! I also hope they join our group when they return home to Folsom. See, just when your spirit was starting to waver, you grabbed hold of another purpose to help you through!

Kathy said...

You're always where you are for a reason...I grill the older kids too..and it makes me SO relieved by the lack of experiences that they remember.

You are doing AMAZING!!! Tell Drew to keep pedaling...and you'll be home soon!!!
Thanks for the update!

The Portas said...

I LOVE the pics! I hope Drew is feeling better today and that things continue to progress so you guys can get home. I'm glad to hear Dan was able to get away for some friend time. Now it's your turn, Andrea!

Take care, hang in there, you all are doing great! Sending you love and hugs...xoxoxo

Anonymous said...

Love the pix of Drew on the bike! That's the Drew we all know and love. We are all praying for your strength! May God lift you up and carry you!!!

Molly said...

Sounds like there's little victories every day! Yay! Sooooo nice to see him on that bike with no chest tubes. Praise God!

Bain Family Updates said...

We are so happy Drew is healing well. Praise God!... and Andrea... You deserved that pedicure, so glad you had one :}