Monday, June 2, 2008

Monday Afternoon

Sorry for the delayed post, but I was hoping to have some news to report. Nothing much going on around here. Chest tubes are still putting out over 100 mls each, so no talk of them going anywhere. Docs think Drew might have chylothorax, which would require a very low fat diet for 6-8 weeks, so we're hoping we can dodge that bullet. Food intake for today is 4 bites of french toast, 4 bites of potatoes and 4 pieces of rigatoni. They haven't put the PICC line in yet, but they were hoping to do it this afternoon, so I figure it can't be far off now. Luckily I have convinced them not to do a blood draw until the line is in, but the later it is, the less inclined they'll be to cooperate with me.

Drew did get to spend some good time in the playroom this morning. He was there for about two hours and even took a few steps without complaining. It is all about the right motivation I guess. Then So since I don't have much news I'll share a few pictures.

The little girl in the wagon was in the bed next to us in the ICU. They got extubated the same day, moved to the floor the same day and she got to home yesterday. Her big sister was so cute and always brought a smile to my face.

What a packed incision looks like

Drew playing with Daddy

Playing with trains

Me and my kids looking lovingly at each other


Kate said...

wow, the incision looks a lot better since i last saw it. but then again i didn't have to watch the debriding thing. i hope drew has? fun with his little buddy today! talk to you soon, hang in there lovies.

Valerie said...

Sweet, sweet boy. His poor little chest.

Alexia had a stage 4 bed sore on her tailbone when she was 12. We went home and were able to take care of it, with a visit weekely from Sutter Visiting Nurses assoc. I can help you, if you need it, it doesn't bother me.

Transfer, transfer, transfer.

We love you!

Lexi said...

Well he's looking more cheerful. It brings tears to eyes! What a sweet little family you have! Stay strong!!! You are an inspiration!!!! said...

Keeping you in our prayers.

Kathy said...

Tell Drew that I like those dinosaur jammies!

I can't believe all this drama...hope the drama stops, your days become boring...and you're home soon!!!

You know..I was working on making Drew a "Super Drew" cape (with dinosaurs inside of course)...I'll have to hurry it up!!! (and working on it means...I have all the materials needed...just need to get off my bum and make it!!!)

You guys are always in my thoughts and prayers!!!
Love always,

Anonymous said...

My husband and I have been watching your blog faithfully. You are in our thoughts and I pray for you often. You are an inspiration, what amazing parents you are and Your faith is such a blessing to see. Hang in there, there are a lot of people praying for you.
Love, Patty/DeAnna's mom

Laurie Kubicek said...

I am so sorry that things aren't going the way we have been hoping and praying - that this won't stop us from continuing to lift you guys up daily in prayer. Take good care of each other.

Much love, Laurie

Molly said...

Continuing to pray for strength and perseverance.

Anonymous said...

love to the lovies...

Katie Scott said...

I love that you still have a sense of humor about all this--the "loving" look between Drew and Ava is priceless!! I am sure that it is discouraging to see that little girl get to go home. Please know that we are praying like mad for you ya!!

Vanessa said...

It just amazes me that he is willing to move and play with those drain tubes in. Ouch!!!

I'm glad Drew got out again today. I can tell in his eyes that he is sick of that place.

Sending you hugs across the miles!