Friday, June 6, 2008

Prayer Request

Please pray for our friend Briggs. He had a very rough night last night and scared his mommy & daddy. You can find his blog here.

We have no news yet this morning, so I'll post an update on us later.


Kate said...

poor baby briggs, he looks like such a sweetie like drew. i was reading through their posts and it looks just like us all in the last 2 weeks. they were sitting in that same place by the pole, reading a memory book. i'll be thinking of them. you of all people know that these kids can have some major setbacks and then pull through to their normal selves, or even better! hope to hear good going-home-type news from you guys soon, love k8

Christa said...

Thanks Andrea for sending out this request. I can feel the love and support and so can Briggs - he is doing great!! Thank you for everything.