Sunday, June 1, 2008

Sunday morning

We've had an exciting morning. We prefer boring.

When I first got here I was pleased with myself because I convinced Drew to eat a few bites of a bagel and decent amount of pasta. He also drank a whole cup of chocolate milk/pediasure. They also did turn the oxygen back on last night and will try to wean it again this morning. Drew had to have a blood draw this morning. His white count was slightly elevated on Friday and I convinced them to wait until Sunday to redraw. Napolean came in to do it and wasn't successful on the first try. Drew was really upset, and we noticed blood starting to ooze through his pajamas. When we lifted it to see, it was coming from his incision. We called the nurse in right away and she looked at it and notified the docs. They came in and took a look and wanted to have the surgeons come check it out. But they are busy with an emergency procedure right now. Since it's been 48 hours since the one chest tube came out they removed the dressing since the surgeons will want to look at that too. When the dressing came off, the wound was still open. I remember when they removed it and pulled the stitches, they broke. So then they were applying firm pressure to make sure air didn't get into his chest cavity and ordered an immediate x-ray. All the while Napolean is waiting to try to get more blood. They re-dressed everything, and RT tried to come in too. We said maybe later. Napolean wanted to look around some more, but I asked him to wait until we got Drew some fentanyl. He waited and then did look around, but couldn't find a good spot. Drew has bruises all over and those veins are no good. He ended up having to do a finger stick. Once that was over it was time for RT to do the "pounding." Drew is finally resting watching a movie, but the sugeons still need to come in and check his wounds.

Let's hope for a quiet afternoon.

Drew soothed himself by putting his doggy on his head


Jane said...

Ugh, double ugh. No more pokes!

I do that same soothing thing Drew is doing, except I use a martini instead of a dog.

Party of 5 said...

oh my goodness, that makes me sad. sad that he has to endure this. glad you were right there advocating for what's best for him. you are definately an important part of his medical team of specialists. hugs. Kacie

Kathy said...

Poor little Drew!
OK...tell them you want Sean to draw the blood...he's the BEST (and Ricardo and Maria are good too!)

And Isaac has a yucky scar from one of those stinky chest tubes not closing properly. I hope all your morning drama isn't an indication of your day today!!! You poor thing!

You know...when Isaac's stressed out..he likes something on his head sweet!

You are ALL doing amazing! There is a light at the end of this'll be home soon!!!
Lots of love,

Laura said...

its hard to explain to a 4 year old why he has to be so sad, uncomfortable, lonely, etc all the time. trust that YOU know why all this needs to happen, and how much better off drew is going to be when this whole ordeal is over. tony and i continue to pray for drew and co. i love you all very much!

Katie Scott said...

So sad...I am sorry that Drew did not have a good morning. Hopefully the surgeons will be able to see him soon and give some input on what is going on. Kevin prayed for all of you this morning at church...and we are still praying as well. Hang in there! You are doing a great job!!

Isabelle & Calista's Mommy said...

Brings tears to my eyes just reading this post. I am praying that your afternoon goes much better. I agree with Kacie, you are such an amazing voice for your son! Good for you for speaking up! Love, Dee

Allison said...

I am SO sorry to hear this. I just had a sick feeling the whole time I was reading the post. Oh, I hope things turn out to be fine with the inision. I am sorry for all that he's been through.
Hopefully tonight things will settle down & everything will be fine by morning. We are still saying lots of prayers for you.

Anonymous said...

I am really sorry to hear about the infection in the incision. I hope that moving around will help to clear his lungs. Hopefully the next seven days will pass as quickly as possible and you can go home, where you will all be so much more comfortable and can get some rest. Take Care.