Sunday, June 1, 2008

7 more days

So, Drew has a wound infection. I think the silver study people will be disappointed.

The surgical fellow came in and looked at the wound. He had to debride and irrigate, which is medical talk for jabbing a q-tip into his chest and then squirting saline in. It was gross. Then he packed it with gauze and covered it with a bandage. It has to be changed every day or when the dressing is saturated, which has already happened once today. They will start two different IV antibiotics, which means we will be here for at least 7 more days. Ugh.

They are also concerned about the possibility of pneumonia. I guess they are monitoring that, but it would just mean IV antibiotics for 7 days also. Sweet. We try & cover all the bases as far as complications are concerned. Why can't we ever have a typical hospital stay?

Anyway, they are talking about putting a central line in tomorrow because they are going to have to put two different antibiotics and two different diuretics through his IV and a central line should last longer. Also they can draw blood from it and they will have to do more frequent blood tests while he is on the antibiotics. We had the oxygen off for a while today, but now it's back on. Today is definitely a "one step back" kind of day. Even the beautiful sunshine is annoying me today, because we haven't been able to enjoy it.


Jane said...

I'm so shocked and disappointed for you guys. I made the assumption, you'd think I'd learn, that things would just be smooth sailing for you guys, God knows you deserve that.

I'm sorry for my flip comment earlier, I guess I just don't know how many times I can say "Im so sorry, I wish I could help" without sounding like a broken record.

You guys are doing your best for Drew. I can only imagine how hard this is for you guys, but you, Drew and his medical team are all doing your best and that's all that you can do.

I'll be praying for healing and peace, much love, Jane.

Taria M. said...

I'm so sorry.... I will be praying for Drew's speedy recovery, no pain, and most importantly for peace for each and every one of you. God is faithful... he will remain faithful through this. I can only imagine the frustration you feel, and how difficult it must be to keep your faith strong when you just want your baby to be healthy and HOME! Psalm 90:14 says, "Satisfy us in the morning with your unfailing love, that we may sing for joy and be glad all of our days". My prayer is that God will satisfy your needs and your hearts, and that his love will surround you as you cling tighter to each other during this time. Give your sweet baby boy a kiss for me. I'll be praying for you all.

In Him,

Kathy said...

I'm so sorry. I really thought you'd be out of that place in the next few days. I'm glad that he showed symptoms of infection BEFORE you left...
Just keep begging them for a isolation room (how many kids are there for transplants anyway??).

Does Drew like to play video games?? Because the child life people can bring one to his room. I know that just makes him sad. (I can just picture his little face pouting):

The central line is good more pokes!

Well...keep it up and you WILL be there by the time we get there! (no you won't--we don't go until the 18th)

You guys will continue to be in our hearts and prayers.

Beth W said...

This was a disappointment! Everything has been such great steps forward, other than sad Drew! Now this! I can't imagine your frustration.
Know this:we are still praying, still checking on you, still loving!
Oh, and my gma had to have a knee surgery wound packed, and I was the one who "got" to do it every day for about 2 weeks! gross is right!
Hang in there, hanging onto the awesome arms of Jesus!
Love, Beth

Molly said...

All that can be said is that this totally sucks. Completely sucks. Hang in there Andrea and Dan! God knows your disappointment and wants to hold you up when you feel you can't keep up the fight.

Lindsay said...

What a bummer! I'm always eager to check the updates with hope that you are making it closer to home. What a disappointment! I hope that your days get brighter and Drew starts feeling a little better!

Our Family said...

Yep, that's a bummer. One of the things that isn't "in the books". I'm sure the central line will make his recovery easier, and hopefully faster! Every wound has a silver lining! Literally in Drew's case! Love Ya!

Katie Scott said...

I am so sorry that today held some setbacks. But, that means that you will still be there on Friday, when we wanted to come down and visit and be "intentional women." Hope that a visit from Jacob tomorrow lifts Drews spirit. Love you all...

christa olson said...

we are praying for drew and you and your family - please remember we are local and let us know if you need ANYTHING. with briggs' surgery on thursday, we will be living with you soon...hang in there.

Vanessa said...

I am so sorry to hear the recent news. I really thought you would be heading home soon. I'm glad they caught this before you guys left. As much as the central line will be so much better thank continuous blood draws and IV changes. I agree with Kathy about the video games. That might help pass the time a bit.

Always in my thoughts and prayers!

Grandma Susu said...


I am so glad you are letting the Drs. and Nurse's fix you up. Soon you will be home playing with all your friends.

Eben really misses you.

He asked me to make you a Dinosaur (lovie)blanket. He told me to make it blue to match your room at home.
He wanted it to be silky on both sides. Eben wanted it to be a very scary Dinosaur not a baby one. I've never made a Dinosaur before so I hope you like it.

He is going to bring it to you on Tuesday I think.

Whenever Eben get's an oweeeeeeee he give's his lovie a hug and he feels much better.

Hope you feel better soon!

Love Grandma Susu

Kate said...

i just like to think of the one full sentence that i heard from drew today: "mommy, i don't want kate to laugh." THAT shows me that he is getting back to himself! i forgot to tell you that the other morning when i was leaving the hospital, i looked up and there was a ladybug inside my car on the sun visor. good luck for sure! hang in there, guys. love you!

Matthew said...

We are sorry to hear about the infection!! I guess we can pray that the antibiotics work well!...

Siri and I are with you in spirit...and you are often on our minds and in our conversation.

The Portas said...

You guys have been through so much in the past few days. I'm sad to hear about the infection and the fact that you're stuck there for another few days.

I know it's a "one step back" situation, but it will be good to get a central line in so he doesn't have to endure all of the poking.

I feel so bad for you guys. Just know you have a lot of support and many people praying for you ALL. Sending you lots of MN love....xoxoxox

Nana Cindy said...

Dear Andrea and Dan,
This is Meredith's Mom. We pray for Drew daily and I will write his name again in the prayer book when I go to St. Joseph's tomorrow.I will also light a candle for him and your family.
Please know that our thoughts and prayers are with you in Dallas.
Barry and Cindy Hampson

Anonymous said...

So this silly line from Thomas Train is in my head. You know the one. "Don't give up, show determination!" Just sing it, maybe it will make you laugh a little. Just a little.

We are looking forward to visiting with you on Tuesday. Think of something you and Drew might like to do while we are there.

Eben says, " I love you, I miss you and I hope you feel better soon!"

We love you guys!
Praying for you always,

Jen,Pete, Eben & Ella

Lori Campbell said...

Oh dear, I'm so sorry about this setback. We prayed for you in church yesterday; you are in the hearts of all in your church family!

The roller coaster of emotions is exhausting, I know. Bless your dear hearts.

With love and continued prayer, Lori

Lexi said...

I don't even know what to say because words can't express feelings very well! I'm saying many prayers for you guys right now, including healing, peace, spirits lifting for Drew and someone or something to make him happy today and bring another BIG smile on his face!!!! I like hearing about those! Sending big hugs to all of you!!!!!
The Sheridans:):)

Elle said...

We are praying for you continually. You are always on our minds. I wish there was something that I could say that would make you feel just a smidgen better, but I imagine you've heard it all by now!
Love, Elle

Anonymous said...

Always bear in mind that your resolution to succeed is more important than any one thing.
- Abraham Lincoln

Success is to be measured not so much by the position one has reached in life, as by the obstacles he has overcome.
- Booker T Washington

Anonymous said...

Ok Andrea, Dan, Drew and Jen and Eben, Tommy says it is time for a sing along
"Don't Give Up show determination Don't give up you'll be a big sensation. Keep your wheels turning your pistons pumping hard Keep your boilers burning don't idle round the yard Right on Time you'll reach your destination Now's the time to show determination." Maybe this is a perfect song for the times when you are trying to get Drew to walk. Ok I have busted out the Thomas song book. Here is another one "You're halfway up a hillside and all is going fine when all at once a snow slide comes right across the line (his infection). You think you're really done for but help is on its way. You'd be surprised how often that someone saves the day (Jesus!!)."
Praying Praying Praying......
Let me know if a Tommy visit is going to be too much or if it would be helpful. We may be able to come Thursday but for sure on Friday?

Carrie said...

Maybe this explains some of why he hasn't been feeling too great...and when the medical team gets this under control, he'll likely start to feel better and act more like himself. I'm sure you all just want to be home now. I'll be thinking of you and praying for a very quick week of antibiotics. Be strong and give yourself a break too...maybe go befriend the annoying sun and just take a few minute nap in the sun.