Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Post-Op Day 25

Another agonizingly slow day.

Apparently the doctors don't even bother to do rounds anymore. Seriously, the team did not come in today, but I did talk to the NP. She said they did round as a team, but didn't go into everyone's rooms because the attending who's on is also the chair of some department and there is a crisis going on in the hospital so he had to be in meetings all day.

The immunologist did come by to see us though and had some interesting news to report. He says that the T & B cell subsets they did all came back with normal results. Not just normal for Drew, but NORMAL results. As wonderful as that would be Dan and I can't help thinking they must have mixed up Drew's blood with some healthy kid's. His t-cell percentage which had gone down from 38 to 36 last time we had it checked in January was 55 this time. It just doesn't seem possible it could jump 20 points when it normally only fluctuates by 2 or 3 points at a time. Dr. Lewis (I think) also recommended doing a CT scan to see if Drew has a puss pocket. Sounds lovely. His concern is that the antibiotics may be working for now, but if there is a pocket his infection will come back once we stop antibiotics. Also, they cultured his wound again (it looks much better, more like a scoop now instead of a tunnel) and are hoping that once it comes back they can customize our therapy even further and possibly shorten our hospital stay.

Haven't heard how the chest x-ray looked this morning, but he has been off of oxygen all day and is satting right around 93-94. Dressing change went well and we used only half his normal doses of lortab and ativan because we don't want to over-medicate him or turn him into a drug addict. He was scheduled to have his CT at 6:30 and had to be NPO (no food or drink) since 2:30. About 6:15 they came in and said that radiology won't put contrast through his PICC line and wants a peripheral IV. This is after they've given him benadryl and he's sleeping peacefully & would totally lie still for the scan. I say that is very poor planning. Dan and I were upset, but decided they could do one try for the IV. They got their best person and three more nurses and almost got it on the first try. I allowed one more try and I'm glad I did because they got it. He was very upset though, as you can imagine. Waking up immobilized with four people holding me down and wielding needles would upset me too.

Anyway, we went down for the scan about 7:40 and thank God, he slept through it! He barely moved when we laid him on the tray and then again when we picked him up when it was over. We won't have results until the morning, but either way I'm glad it's over!

Drew wearing his own pajamas

Reading with Grandma Kathy

Ava having a turn in Drew's bed

Drew going in the CT machine

He looks so small in there!


Our Family said...

Well, hopefully getting more specific information will help you get more specific answers about when you can leave. Seriously, if they aren't even coming in the room, it seems like you could take care of it on your own! Just hang in there. Drew looks like he's grown since being there...sweet thing!

Nunca Muere said...

Hola,me intereso el caso de este chico, porque me gustaría ser médico de grande...ojala pueda vivir como cualquiera de nosotros.
Asombroso blog.
Saludos desde Durango, Dgo. México.

Kathy said...

I'm SO glad that we got to meet you guys. I KNOW that I FREAKED Dan out when I saw them in the gift shop...he's thinking.."Oh my gosh..the people from the internet have found us!!!"

Glad Mr. Drew had a successful dressing change, you had the ct, and you haven't lost your MIND YET!!!

Enjoy your night, sleep tight, and call me if you need to chat (or I'll swing by your room tomorrow after our pre-op appointments)

Take care!

Party of 5 said...

thankful for some good news tonight and very glad that drew slept through his CT Scan. And - I see that you met Kathy. I love to read all of her posts so I'm glad you guys got to meet. Sorry to read that the day was agonizingly slow. I can only imagine.... Hoping for good distractions tomorrow to make the day go by fast. Give Drew a squeeze. He looks so cute in yesterday's post - snug as a bug in a rug.

Mandy said...

Hello. Now between test, you and Kathy can go shopping or get lunch and then when the boys leave, you can bring Kat back to Sac and go shopping here out the outlets.

I hope Drew gets to leave soon but its also great that Kathy and you can talk to one another while your there.

Carrie said...

It's nice that the immunologist had some suggestions as well. I can't even imagine how frustrating it is to not even see the doctors during rounds when you are waiting...and waiting...and just wanting to know when there's a possibility of returning to home and your normal routines. We're still thinking about you guys and sending up a few prayers of healing for Drew!

Kate said...

gah, the boredom and then intensity is so frustrating. if anyone could look teensier in that big old bed than drew, it's ava. i miss her. all of you actually, imagine that!

Laura said...

when did ava start looking like a little girl instead of a baby?!?! i can't BELIEVE how big she is! oh, and i am praying extra hard for you guys to get out of dodge asap...puss pocket free (gross). i love you all!

Rebecca Myers said...

I hope that today you get to see the doctors it is so frusturating to sit there all day and not have them come in. I hope that they did not get Drew's blood mixed up, that would be great if his count is that much better!! We hope and pray for a good day today.
The Myers'

Molly said...

Ava looks so teeny in that bed. Glad to hear she's feeling better! I'll be praying against the monotony!

The Portas said...

I'm just getting caught up and I just feel so bad for you guys. You sure have been through so much. I continue to keep you in my prayers. You are all doing a really great job. Drew is an amazing little boy. Hang in there!! xoxo

p.s. I see you got to meet Kathy! Lucky! I can't wait to meet her in just a few weeks...