Thursday, May 1, 2008

Some Interesting Articles

I came across a couple of interesting articles on msn recently. Check them out when you have time and let me know what you think.

Doctors Call for Kid-Sized Medical Devices

Many Kids Suffer Delusions After ICU Stay


Allison said...

I read the article about icu stays this morning. It is pretty sad. Everyone says "They'll never remember any of this." I have to wonder if that is true.
Drew is lucky because you always have him prepared for everything. I imagine he is much better off than most of the kids in the study.

Kathy said...

You Stanford in Novemeber...we were actually participating in a study where they were following the kids behaviors after surgery...specifically hallucinations. SO...I"M SURE these are real problems that they experience...I hope they continue to research it so that we can KNOW what signs to look for in our little ones. The older ones can at least talk...oh, it just breaks my heart that here is ONE more thing they have to deal with. haven't told us what your party plans are for Ava!! Planning something big or small???
Have a good weekend!~

Anonymous said...

Since the story starts out with

"Nearly a third of children who stay at pediatric intensive care units have dillusional memories..",

the much larger majority, 2/3 of children who stay, DON'T have them.

I will pray that Drew and all your friends' children on this blog fall into that larger group.

This is the positive I got out of it: "The children were all 7 or older and factual memories were a bit spotty. Two in three children recalled something factual about their stay but half had only fragments, such as memories of a parent sitting by the bed."

We will stay with him as much as possible and sing, tell him stories, play his music, etc. like the other times, so he will be soothed and as comfortable as possible with all of the attention and love you'll surround him with during his hospital stay. Knowing this just reinforces how important that is and how wonderful and insightful you were to know if before you even read this piece.

I love you, Mom

Kathy said...

Oh Andrea...what a sweet mom you have.

Just wanted to tell you that I know how to spell November (I misspelled it in my earlier comment)...
AND...I'm sending out another package. I totally forgot to send Drew a little (something, something) can save it for after Ava's day if you want...but, I got some fairy wings in today...I'll throw them in the box too!!!
Mr. Drew is going to be FABULOUS...don't worry your little had off...stay off the internet!!!

Dave said...

I think you are the Andrea that has left us a couple of positive and encouraging notes on our site about Johnathan. Thank you for taking the time to send a note to us while we are in these challenging times. When I see your site and that handsome little fellow named Drew I am greatly encouraged that maybe one day we will be blessed to reach the same place where you are. Thanks for your prayers for us. I ran a short 3 miles today for the first time since Johnny's birth. It was wonderful and a great "grounding" experience. I mention this because I see you just started running, I am guessing you will never stop.