Monday, April 28, 2008

Ear Infection

Dan noticed this morning that Drew felt warm. We took his temp and it was only 99.5. Normally even I wouldn't call the doctor for a temp that low, but then Dan told me that Drew told him his ear hurt twice. And said the same one both times. Since I was already going to the UCD pharmacy to pick up his meds, I decided to call the doctor and see if they could squeeze us in just to check his ears. They did! They are so great!

So we picked up the medicine (I called ahead this time to make sure it was ready) and then went to see our new pediatrician, Dr. Bullen. He's always been in the practice we go to, and he's seen Drew many times since he always gets sick when his own doctor is gone, but we just recently switched to have him as our primary care doc. I really like him, partly because he really likes Drew. Anyway, he checked him out and sure enough Drew has an ear infection. And of course he gave me antibiotics to treat it. I was willing to put up a fight if he was going to try to give me the old "it'll go away on it's own in 10 -14 days" routine. Sheri, the nurse I talk to all the time on the phone, was there and gave Drew six different dinosaur stickers because she loves him.

Unfortunately I asked Dr. B to look up the cervical spine x-rays that we had done about a month ago and Drew's C1 and C2 look like they might be fused so now he needs to have a CT scan. They'd like to do it before surgery since it might affect how his head is positioned during surgery if he has a problem. It's kind of a bummer because he will have to be sedated and that likely means he will have to have an IV, and he has a terrible time with IVs. Me and my questions.

We drove back home to our regular pharmacy to pick up the amoxicillin where Drew got to visit Darla and Christine (the pharmacy techs). They are both so sweet and always talk to him and ask about him if he's not with me. He showed them both all of his dinosaur stickers and gave them high fives. I gave him his first dose of antibiotics tonight and he's sleeping peacefully in his bed right now. I love that kid.


Samantha said...

I am glad that you are happy with the new pediatrician...I love our pediatrician and without him I would be totally looney :)

I am sorry that Drew has an ear infection...those are no fun at all! I am off to read about your weekend now!

Heart Hugs,

The Portas said...

It'll be good to get that ear infection taken care of right away. Yucky about the CT scan, but it will be good info to have! We want the best care for Drew possible.

You're such a good mommy.

Rachel said...

Sorry about the ear infection.

I'm wondering why they can't give drew an oral or intramuscular sedative before they place the IV. They did that for Ramona this time, it was nice that she didn't have to get stuck and cry while they worked on access. Might that be an option for you guys?

Hoping that those vertebrae are not fused, sorry to hear that might be an issue...

Kathy said...

Poor little ears...good thing that you took him in. Does he have tubes in his ears?? (they're going to sneak some in Isaac during our cleft palate surgery)...always multi-tasking aren't we??
Don't forget to measure Ava today...(like you don't have anything else to do!)
Love to you guys,

Anonymous said...

I'm with Rachel. A little sedation before the IV would be great, if it won't hurt him.

I was thinking how all these techs and medical people who love Drew (who wouldn't?) and it probably helps him to deal with his little world, having all that care and attention and hopefully it makes him more comfortable in those situations. I thank God for them.

Love, Mom

Allison said...

Towards the end of Joshua's last hospital stay they would give him Adavan before doing anything stressful, like IV's. Couldn't hurt to ask. Sorry about the ear infection. Hope he bounces back soon!

Katie Scott said...

We finally have internet, so I could read up on your life this past week!!! Glad Drew is feeling better....