Thursday, May 8, 2008

Coming Together

Everything is falling into place for surgery.

Yesterday we finally received our packet from Stanford. It was pretty much what I expected. There is a packet of patient and family information with definitions of all the "team members", guidelines for preparing for surgery, what pre-op will consist of, info on blood transfusions, lists of what to bring and what not to bring to the hospital, visiting hours, parent sleeping arrangements, etc. There was also a housing and transportation packet and an interesting letter explaining that there is a possibility that surgery could be postponed or rescheduled if they don't have enough beds. Let's pray that this is not the case and our surgery will go as scheduled.

I also called our pediatrician's office yesterday because one of the letters in the packet asked that we fax record of Drew's blood type to the Stanford blood bank. I asked her to also write on the labs that Drew needs CMV negative, irradiated blood because of his immune system. There seemed to be some confusion about that, so I will call back to make sure that is done. It would be a bummer if we got to the day of surgery and they didn't have the right blood for Drew.

I also had them call radiology since the last time I talked to them they said the nurse would call me back about the CT and that was on Friday. Our nurse called and we have an appointment for Drew's CT on the Tuesday before surgery (the 20th) at 2:30. That was one of our last hurdles for being prepared for surgery. So I am pleased.

I feel strangely calm and peaceful. I know it must be all the prayers that are being said for our family. Thank you so much for checking on us and caring about us.

Tonight we are attending Drew's spring sing for preschool. I saw a preview performance the other day and I'm excited to see him tonight! Of course I'll be taking video of that and will post it tomorrow.


Kate said...

i'm glad that all of the pre-surgery stuff you need is finally getting all lined up to make things as easy for your family as possible. with all of the people who love you, there must be a LOT of prayers going out for you all!

The Portas said...

"Strangely calm and peaceful" -- that is grace! It's so strange how calm you can feel in the midst of total crisis. We are all so lucky to be given that.

I KNEW everything would fall into place. Don't think I'm creepy for this, but I had a dream last week about you. I dreamt that you looked at me straight in the eye and said, "Everything is working out." I told you, "I knew it would!"

Everything will be just fine. It will be so good to get this hurdle behind you. You are all doing great. Keep up the good work!! Hugs to those cute kids..xoxoxo

The Portas said...
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