Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Post-Op Day 4

Doesn't Drew look so peaceful in this picture?

What an exciting day we had! Drew was allowed to have one ice chip at a time five hours after he was extubated at 4:30. Then he got to have tiny sips of water starting at 7:30. It was hard having to take his cup away when he was so thirsty, but they have to start slowly to make sure his stomach can handle it. He hardly slept at all today, but he is sleeping now and has been for about a half hour now. I hope he sleeps for a few hours at least. Right now he is on six liters of oxygen, down from 10. His oxygen sats are 97, heart rate is 128, blood pressure is 96/62.

We moved into another little pod on the CVICU today. There are still four beds in this room and we are with all babies. So far they are behaving. There is a 2:1 patient to nurse ratio here, which means Drew is not as critical. He was wanting to sit up and move around a lot. He kept asking to get out of bed and have us hold him. We can't until he gets his RA line out, since it goes directly into his heart. It sounds like they will pull it sometime tomorrow, as well as a chest tube or two. That should help him to be much more comfortable. They are also going to allow other clear fluids if he wakes up tonight and are ordering him a breakfast tray for the morning in the hopes that he'll be ready to eat. I think tomorrow he will be feeling so much better!

This is the silver dressing covering his incision. Drew's got bling.

He looks scared in this picture, but it's because we had to hold his hands away from his incision. It is supposed to remain sterile. But you can see how nice it looks.

My sweet friends Rose & Deanna drove up to visit today and were lucky enough to be here on extubation day. Which means, I hardly spent any time with them, because Drew kept me on my toes. Speaking of toes, they did force me to have a pedicure and manicure provided by them. I tried to object, but Dee said she'd just sit by my feet until I let her do it. Aren't they the sweetest?
OK, good night everyone. Dan and I are taking shifts at Drew's bedside while the other one tries to sleep in the communal parent sleep room. I don't have my earplugs, so it should be an interesting night.


Quayle Covey Blog said...

I hope you get your massage another day soon!

Kate said...

so sweet; if i had an owie i'd want it to be silver too! i'm very jealous of dee and rose that they were there on de-tubing day, but i'm glad that it's been going so smoothly since then. when do they expect drew to move up to 3? will it be just a 2-person room then? i don't know why i'm asking questions in the comments, but i am just very happy. sleep well, maybe i'll leave my earplugs out in solidarity. :-)

Anonymous said...

You have some really good friends! I wish I was that lucky to have my friends come visit me, and do my nails!!! You deserve it! I'm so glad to hear about his recovery! I'll see you soon, or maybe not! I hope for Drew's sake, he is home by the time Ross has his cath, but Stanford is very cautious, which is a good thing. =) I hope you like LPCH. The nurses are wonderful there...oh, and the surgeons!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;)


Vanessa said...

What great friends you have!

I'm so glad drew got to take a few sips of water. Can't wait tell the morning and he hopefully gets some food.

Poor thing looked so scared in that picture, but it's for the best, I know. So just wondering...did they cut out his old scares cause this one looks great!

Hope you can get some rest tonight. Thanks for the update. I'm always checking to see how Drew is doing.

Love ya,

Vanessa Mott said...

What wonderful pictures of Drew. He is such a cute boy and I'm so happy to see the pictures! He looks incredibly well! Hope you and Dan are holding up. We continue to pray for you and are so happy to see the wonderful pictures. Made my day!

Vanessa Mott

P.S. There is a good parents lounge on 3-West that has a good shower. Its right by the informational library.

Isabelle & Calista's Mommy said...

YAY! He sleeps! We just got home and I had to check before going to bed! I hope that you are able to get some rest tonight!! Lots of Love!!

UbrStrBksMom said...

Water Food are such milestones after surgery, glad to hear he is having them.

tell me whos coming up next and I'll send you plenty of ear plugs!

I'm so happy that he is getting better everyday.


The Portas said...

I'm so happy that Drew's extubation was a success and that he is making great strides toward getting out of there. I hope you guys had a somewhat restful night (ha ha, right?).

What sweet friends you have, Andrea! And what a cute hubby you have, too. xoxoxo

Molly said...

Aw... Dee and Rose are sooooo sweet! I remember when DeAnna was 9-months pregnant with Isabelle and wanted a petticure so I went over to do them for her. She INSISTED to do mine in return and got on the floor (full-term pregnant) to paint my toes. Now that's friendship. Anyway... enough about me - hahaha! Drew's scar looks really good and it's so nice to see he's awake and getting back to his sweet little self! Yay!

Kathy said...

You have such AWESOME friends!!! I"m moving there and sharing you and your friends!!! I hope they know what a blessing they are in these times.
**Andrea's Friends...thanks for taking such good care of her. You're SO GREAT!!!**

Hope Mr. Drew has a good day and the babies stay quiet for him! Your next move is 3west baby..then, it's HOME for you guys!!! Tell Drew to start getting tubes and lines pulled..you need to hold your sweetie pie!!

Sending our love and prayers,

Anonymous said...

Good job with the pedi girls! I love the portable Ipod. Was Enya playing for a serene atmosphere?

I can't wait to see Drew awake. How exciting! I loved the pic of him with the two of you smiling. It must be nice to see a smile again.


Taria M. said...

Your strength and dedication throughout all of this humbles me! You guys are amazing parents. I'm so glad that God blessed Drew with people like you to look after him down here. I hope that he is able to eat today and that he is much more comfortable. I will continue to hold him close to my heart in prayer!

Lexi said...

These are great pictures! Drew looks so great and I'm glad you took Rose and Deanna up on the mani and pedi, you deserve it!

Katie Scott said...

I love that you comment that Drew has bling! You are so funny! His incision looks great--good job Dr. Hanley!! I can't wait to see Drew again now that he is awake! I am so happy!! I just have to use all these exclamation marks!!!!!!