Sunday, May 25, 2008

Sunday morning update

We had another really sweet nurse last night, Marissa. She took good care of Drew. I credit her with saving Drew's life because she found a large clot in Drew's arterial line. It would draw blood, but she could only push back a little bit. She finally pulled back a lot, and this long stringy clot came out. It's probably due to his positioning, he was laying on his side most of the afternoon. But still, not only could we have lost that line, it could have caused a problem. So we were pleased with her from the beginning. While we were there last night Drew woke up around 10 and tried to turn over onto his stomach! All three of us were trying to stop him and turn him back over, and prevent all his tubes and wires from getting pulled. It also looked like he was reaching for his breathing tube, but he only wanted to scratch his nose. Marissa helped him scratch his nose and asked if that was better and he nodded his little head. She also told me earlier while we were eating he woke up and she asked him if he had owies and he nodded yes. She gave him more fentanyl and versed each time. There is something about that that makes me sad. I guess just that he is more aware and can answer questions, but can't talk. We stayed with him until 10:45 or so and he was resting comfortably when we left.

We stayed with Kathy and both slept well. I woke up at 5:30 and couldn't wait until the alarm went off at 6 to call and check how Drew's night went. Marissa said he woke up three more times and seemed to be more uncomfortable when he woke up. She gave him three more doses of versed & fentanyl. She said she was able to comfort him and he would go back to sleep. They turned the vent down to 40% oxygen and 10 breaths per minute, and he is over breathing the vent, so that is good. The respiratory therapist (RT) thinks that Drew is ready to be extubated. He's had less secretions overnight. For now the plan is to give him propathol (a shorter acting sedative that doesn't affect respiration) at 7 so they can turn off the fentanyl and versed drips. That will allow him to wake up enough to have the tube out and breathe on his own. After that they will give him hourly doses of pain meds, as needed, instead of a continuous IV drip. We will be there at 7:30 after shift change and see what the plan is.

A quick update on Ava:
She has been having the time of her life playing at the hospital and at Grandma Kathy's house. We have her other grandma and grandpa, two great aunts & an uncle, my cousin & her husband and Uncle Scott all showering her with love and letting her get away with whatever she wants. I told them it will take us months to undo the damage they are doing! An example. My aunt gave her a piece of a chocolate chip cookie. Ava didn't want only a piece of a cookie and flung it down on the table. So my aunt gave her the rest of the giant cookie, you know, as a reward for being so polite. Then as she is eating the cookie she says " chocate. I yike it!" She is so sweet and it is nice having her around to liven up the place. She has been asking for Drew, but I haven't wanted to bring her to see him yet. I think once the breathing tube is out we can put a blanket over his body so she won't see all the tubes and let her see where he is. He will probably just look like he is sleeping.


Jane said...

I can't imagine how hard it must be to know he is aware of what's happening. You guys are doing your best and giving him what he needs to get better. I'll be praying for the extubation today.

Linda said...

We couldn't wait either! You know how close our bed is to my computer--Kevin was out of bed and up to check your blog as early as he thought there might be a posting. We were thankful to be able to check from Fresno yesterday while we there to attend a wedding. Your generous inclusion of us on this journey has meant so much to everyone as we've been comforted to see God caring for Drew and your family, encouraged to be told of the wonderful people who are caring for him, and filled with hope for Drew's complete healing as you've shared the huge steps towards healing he is already taking. Thank you, Thank you! We're prayerfully rejoicing.

Kevin and Linda

Beth W said...

Good Morning!

Sounds like he is being such a little trooper!

Oh, and good luck with Ava! I know what you mean! :)

Rebecca Myers said...

I hope the day goes well, it so great you have had good nurses, it makes all the difference. We continue to pray for Drew's recovery, I hope the extubation goes smoothly today and he can be kept comfortable.


Molly said...

Yup... add me to the list of people who are checking the blog religiously. Praying for a successful extubation today!

Lori said...

Your faithfulness in updating this blog is awesome Andrea! It's a little like "The Truman Show" -- I can barely turn off my computer because I'm so anxious about the latest updates. Your honesty and humor are so dear! Your precious family is covered in prayer, as are all the care practitioners who come in contact with you. I love you, Lori

Amber said...

Thank you so much for your updates Andrea! I'm so glad things are progressing nicely. I pray Drew will stay comfortable today and will find your love and affection a comfort to him as well.

Izabell said...

we will be praying for his breathing tube out and no complications! we hope that he is comfortable all day and that Ava will be able to see him also wyndi and steven

Andrew said...

I join the team of slightly obsessed-- I feel like we are constantly checking for the latest developments!! I am so thankful that Drew is doing well and should get his tube out today. He will probably be so much happier when he can talk! Andrew will see you later today and I will see you tomorrow!! Love you guys and still praying!