Sunday, May 25, 2008

Sunday pictures

They started the propathol at 7 and now we are just waiting for the docs to come by and let us know when he can be extubated. He is totally sedated on this drug, so he is comfortable. I got to put a little aquaphor on his lips (they were dry), put a sock on his free foot, and placed his doggy in his bed with him. I know he might not know the difference, but it makes me feel better. :)

I 've been having my own version of church this morning, listening to worship music on my ipod to block out some of the beeping & reading through my Bible for words of encouragement. I am going to listen to one of the older sermons that I've missed later today too. Someone give Eric & Cortnie a hug goodbye from me!

Here's some pictures from last night and this morning.

Drew wanted to sleep on his side like this. It looks uncomfortable to me, but that's how he sleeps at home.

This is his right foot. He's got two IV's in his little foot.

This is him this morning with his doggy.

And here is a video I took of how noisy it is in here! I hope it works.


Valerie said...

Looking good! Propathol is what Lex had for her Cardioversion, I really like that stuff. Also, just know that Drew will not remember any of this!

Molly said...

It's so nice to see him resting peacefully, knowing that his body is already working hard and healing him while he's asleep. I think that beeping would drive me insane... good call on the iPod!

Carrie said...

That is noisy! Some good music is likely what both of you need to drown out he noises.Good old Bob and Larry should do the trick! LOVE those Veggie Tales. Glad to hear that Ava is happy and being spoiled rotten. I think you all need a little of that right now!

Anonymous said...

Now I completely understand why the 3 mile walk was needed yesterday. The beeping would drive me crazy too!! It was good to see his little chest breathing on the video and to hear your sweet voice talking about your baby Still praying

Anonymous said...

Andrea - I hated the beeping when Scott was in the hospital. At least it means that everything is working! Nice to see Drew resting though. Stay strong,

Katie Scott said...

Thanks for posting the video. It is so great to see Drew sleeping so peacefully and looking healthy! I agree that all that beeping is annoying! Keep listening to your IPOD and taking breaks when you can!!

Kate said...

good lord, that beeping! i have some nature sounds on my player that i use when i need to be able to hear what's going on, but want to mask irritating sounds a bit. i'll bring them for you. i miss you guys and it was brilliant to post a video for us all! he's such a big boy now, sometimes it still surprises me when i look at him; he's still the little backwards-walking serious one in my head, you know? the video worked really well too, that's a miracle in itself :-) love!