Thursday, May 29, 2008

Post-Op Day 6

Just a quick recap because I am exhausted.

Drew is down to .5 liters of oxygen. He still has two chest tubes and one IV.

His attitude is slowly improving. He had a fantastic day today. His little friend Shaelyn came for a visit and he really enjoyed having her here. He even asked to go out of the room, so he went for his first wagon ride this evening,with Shae pulling him! This room is such an improvement on the ICU. We are in a two bed room, but we haven't had a roommate since we've been here. Let's hope we don't get one in the middle of the night!

OK, I'm going to go back to Kathy's house (Ava is still staying with my mom & dad at the hotel), for a completely uninterrupted night of sleep! I can not wait! Dan is going to sleep on the comfortable little bed right next to Drew. I promise some adorable pictures of the wagon ride and visit with Shae in the morning. Good night!


Molly said...

Wow... Look at him less than one week after surgery and he's up and about. Impressive! We're looking forward to seeing you guys tomorrow! Praying you get some good rest tonight!

Our Family said...

So good to see that you're sounding so happy and relaxed. You deserve a good night's rest.

Katie Scott said...

Thanks for the quick update! I am so glad to hear that Drew had fun playing with Shae and that he was interracting more. I pray that more of the same happy Drew will come out tomorrow!! It was great to hear your voice earlier so you could be a part of TNLG, no matter how briefly!

Party of 5 said...

hooray for: the third floor, a night of uninterrupted sleep for you, a room with a bed for Dan, a visit from a friend for Drew, and Drew looking so fantastic! all great news. love and hugs, Kacie

Kathy said...

Sweet dreams you guys!!!
Hope Drew sheds a few tubes tomorrow...and your Friday is filled with LOTS of wagon rides!
You know that you can take him on the roof...very pretty!
Prayers and love still headed your way!

Anonymous said...

No more sad eyes, so evident in the latest pics.. You all look wonderful and Drew's progress is great news..
Still praying..

Love, Liz, Dan and Tristan

The Portas said...

YAYYY!! Progress! I'm so glad you are out of the ICU. Moving out of there does wonders for everyone. I hope you got some good rest and that things continue to progress quickly. You are on your way home!!!

Anonymous said...

Drew is doing so well, you must be so excited and finally able to take a deep breath. We will pray that today shows more improvement and strength, both physically and mentally. I hope Drew gets to go on lots of wagon rides today.

Rebecca Myers

Lexi said...

I hope you had a great night of sleep!!!!!!