Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

We are excited to go trick-or-treating in our neighborhood tonight, as long as it stops raining...The kids have been practicing their Trick or Treat, please! and Thank you! and Happy Halloween! This morning I made pumpkin shaped pancakes for breakfast, and for once we didn't have to beg our kids to finish their breakfasts. Yesterday we decorated some special Halloween cupcakes for them to bring into their preschool classes. Drew was in charge of placing a pumpkin candy on top of each cupcake. It was torture for them to help make cupcakes yesterday, and not get to eat one until today at school! A good lesson in delayed gratification I guess.

Now I'm off to deliver some Halloween treats from Hearts of Hope to our cardiologist's office. Hope everyone has a safe and happy Halloween! Take lots of pictures, I'm going to!

pumpkin pancakes

cupcakes for school

my new hair-this picture is for my mom!


Drew and Ava's Grandma said...

Love your hair, Andrea! So does dad. I also wish I could bite into those pancakes and cupcakes. Fun, fun, fun at the Himmelbergers!
Love you, Mom

Kate said...

oh and anne, that pic doesn't even do it justice! the back is stacked in a really cool way, and the highlights in it have a really cool almost pinkish/auburn tint.

Anonymous said...


DeAnna said...

Happy Halloween! Love the hair!

Laura said...

sooo cute! love the new cut! p.s. indirect thanks for the ton of maternity clothes! bean and i appreciate it (and so does my bank account!). much love!

Kathy said...

Andrea...i LOVE the hair!!! I'm jealous!!!

and the cupcakes looked delicious...once again...jealous!

and you made pumpkin poor kids just got a bowl of cereal:(

SUPERMOM...that's the costume you should have worn today!!!!

Lindsay said...

Love your hair, Andrea!
And I agree with the last comment you are Supermom!

The Portas said...

Those cupcakes look AWESOME. Yummmmmmm. Love the haircut, too!