Saturday, November 1, 2008

Trick or Treat!

Drew was excited for trick or treating yesterday! He kept asking me if it was getting dark, because I told him we'd go after it was dark. We got a pizza for dinner and there were a few minutes when it looked like Ava might decide not to eat pizza and therefore not go trick or treating, before she finally gave in and ate. What kid doesn't like pizza?

After dinner we got into costume, searched to find a flashlight and ran out the door. We made the mistake of going to our neighbor Tom's house first. He has a motion activated skeleton that talks when you get close. That scared the kids and every house we went to after that had to be investigated for talking skeletons before they'd approach. After the first two houses Ava asked "Where we goin'?" I guess she didn't realize you knock on lots of doors and don't go in to anyone's house. We did a short lap around our block and Drew was ready to go home and hand candy out to other kids. Ava wanted to keep going. So Dan went home with Drew and Ava and I did a few extra houses before it started raining on us and we headed home too.

They got once piece of candy each and got ready for bed. They also had a lot of fun answering the door for the trick or treaters. I'm thinking one piece of candy a day (if they ask) for a week maximum...or I might try to bribe them to give up their candy for a small toy from Target. I haven't decided yet.

Ready to go--with Jesus and Daniel, Ava's name for the scarecrows

Trick or Treat!

The kids and Dan-try not to be blinded by his safe, reflective cycling jacket

Drew's candy choice-m&ms

Ava's candy choice, a lollipop

Today is a very rainy day and Dan and Drew are working on a big, cozy doghouse for the dogs. It is going to be awesome, and it is adorable to see Drew helping. I'll have to post pictures of that tomorrow when it's all done.


Valerie said...

Ok Andrea. Haven't you heard of the Candy Witch?? The night after Halloween, children put out a large portion of their candy and the Candy Witch (or whatever name you give her) leaves a toy.

Aden already has his put aside for her visit tonight.

Krista said...

My sister is four and a half and every year the Halloween Fairy comes to visit her. She picks out ten pieces of candy, plus one or two pieces to eat right then (depending on how late it is), and the rest gets put in a bag for the Halloween Fairy. Until now, she's always left a toy, but this year she left ten dollars and a very kind note.

The candy magically appears in my mom's classroom (she's a high school English teacher) the next work day. High school kids will do anything for candy, and they've mastered the tooth-brushing thing, too. :)

DeAnna said...

What a cute post! I love your description of the night it sounded fun! I also love that Ava named the scarcrows!

DeAnna said...

I just read the other two comments after I posted, those ideas are awesome! I also heard from Liz that you can sell your candy to the dentist! Who knew!

Kathy said...

oh...the kids look so darn cute!!!

We have a skeleton similar to that one your neighbor should get one for your house next year!!!

Molly said...

I love the idea of the candy fairy/witch! We'll have to do that when Molly's older! In the meantime, Mommy may just have to help get rid of that candy... :)

The Portas said...

Glad the kids had a fun Halloween! They look just adorable in their costumes.