Saturday, October 18, 2008

Apple Hill

We decided to make a last minute trip up to Apple Hill on Thursday. We went with the Quayle family and the kids were so excited! First, they all got to be squashed into one minivan, which was very exciting for them. They watched a movie on the drive up and everyone was well behaved. As we made the turn onto the frontage road that is lined with farms, the kids were shouting "Yay! Apple Hill!"

Keilani, Drew, Jacob, Ava, and baby Meigan (covered up in her rear facing carseat) excited for Apple Hill!

We stopped at two places, High Hill and Plubell's. High Hill has free freshly made apple juice (yum!), lots of apple yumminess like apple donuts, apple fritters, caramel apples, apple pie, apple juice and plain old apples. They also have a fish pond and picnic area and the kids love to run around, roll down the grass hill, feed the fish and ducks and eat apple donuts. They also have pony rides on the weekend, which I didn't realize and talked up pony rides to the kids before we got there. Fortunately they weren't too upset that the ponies were "resting."

The five kids and a GIANT pumpkin

Drew and Ava squinting into the sun

Ava and Keilani, best buddies

The kids feeding the ducks and fish

After a yummy lunch of roasted chicken and apple salad we headed over to Plubell's, which is known for it's animals, pumpkin patch and tractors for the kids to sit on. The kids enjoyed feeding the goats, but the black one kept butting the smaller goats when we'd try to feed them. So Drew would feed Blackie to distract him while Ava fed "the tiny ones." She was scared of the big ones. We visited the pigs and chickens, played on the tractors and then went to pick our pumpkins. We also tried to buy pies to take home, but there was no pie to be had! I guess we'll have to go again...

Drew feeding Blackie

Ava feeding a tiny goat

Me and my kids

Drew swinging (the girls are in the background looking at chickens)

Drew and Ava drive the tractor


Kathy said...

That looks like so much fun.
I have to move to CA! No fun like that here...the kids can only go outside and kick the dirt or throw a rock!


Kate said...

aw, looks so fun. it's nice to see them over the years at their apple hill trips. it's such a tradition here, i wonder where other people go in the fall...

Katie Scott said...

Looks like you guys had a fun trip!

Jessica said...

Ha ha! Only in California would the apple farm have a granitas and espresso bar. LOL!

hope you got an apple granita! tee hee!

Amber said...

Wow...that is a lot of car seats!
:0) You know I love fall fun...that place makes mine look...puny!

The Portas said...

What adorable pictures. It looks like you had such a fun day! That's a lot of cool stuff for the kids to enjoy.

I liked the line-up of car seats in the back. :)