Saturday, October 4, 2008


That's how many miles I'll be running tomorrow morning, assuming all goes well.

I'm running in the Cowtown half-marathon at 7:30 am. When you wake up in the morning think of me because I'll probably still be running!

My goals are (in order of importance):

1. Cross the finish line
2. Beat my time from last year (2:35:49), by any amount AND
3. Finish my half before the full marathon winner finishes--last year he beat me by a minute and a half!

OK, gotta go get everything ready for tomorrow. I hope I can sleep tonight! I'm nervous!


Paige said...

Go Girl! I'll be praying and rooting for you here at home while I drink my coffee

Katie Scott said...

good luck--you are awesome! praying for you!!

Drew and Ava's Grandma said...

Good luck, Andrea! I can't wait to hear how it goes. You are amazing!
Love, Mom

Laura said...

YAY TEAM ANDREA! bean and i are totally rooting for you!

Kate said...

well, how'd ya do, how'd ya do??? inquiring minds, et cetera...

Anonymous said...

I hope that it was all you wanted it to be Andrea and all of you toe nails are still intact