Monday, October 27, 2008

So many pumpkin patches

This week was the week of pumpkin patches for our family. On Friday we met some friends from church at a pumpkin farm and helped pick 200 pumpkins for our the harvest festival we put on every year to benefit the community. I forgot my camera, but the kids had so much fun walking through the rows and rows of pumpkins and picking small ones to load onto the truck.

Then on Saturday, while the husbands were golfing, a bunch of the women from our life group met at another pumpkin patch right by our house for a day of fun with the kids. Ava had her first pony ride and she really enjoyed it! Drew enjoyed watching her, he is still not interested in actually riding a pony himself. He was excited for the jump houses and train ride though! The kids jumped twice each and totally worked up an appetite for lunch. The train ride was a crowd pleaser too. After our picnic lunch some nice ladies who were leaving the patch gave us the rest of their animal feed so we could feed the goats and sheep. The kids love doing that, but the germ aspect freaks me out a little. We sanitized right after then went home and washed our hands with warm soapy water.

And today, Drew's preschool class has a field trip to yet another pumpkin patch. I can't imagine that there is anything there that we haven't seen yet, but I guess it will be fun to go with another group of friends.

Ava's first pony ride!

Ella, Eben, Drew, Chloe, Irie and Ava on the train

Saturday night we went out to sushi with our friend Pete to celebrate his birthday. Here we are getting ready to do a celebratory sake bomb:

Darcy, Eric, Andrea, Dan, Faye, Jeff, Pete, Jen

The bomb in progress


The Portas said...

I love The Bomb picture. :)

Ava is so brave! That's awesome that she wanted to ride the pony. I'm glad you're able to keep finding fun stuff to do on the weekends. It always looks like you're all having a blast.

Kate said...

pumpkins pumpkins everywhere and not a drop to drink! i think i may have gotten that saying wrong... dude! i *thought* i managed to be out of those pictures. as i didn't even have a sake bomb, i refuse to give you my photographic rights.