Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Flu Shots

This morning I took the kids to get their flu shots. Our appointments were at 8:30 am and since I am a stay at home mom and never drive in work traffic, I grossly underestimated the amount of time it would take to get there. We arrived around 9 with both kids echoing the comments I make under my breath at other idiot drivers. Stuff like, Geez! Come on! Go! And the kids are taking turns going "why is that lady in your way mommy?" and "Why did you say go?" Anyway, since I was a half hour late I felt I couldn't rightly complain about being made to wait an extra fifteen minutes. Both kids did pretty good with their shots and we left the office at 9:30. Which is the same time I was suppose to be at Mom Connection with the two dozen bagels and cream cheese I was bringing for snacks this morning. Once we got there and I dropped off the bagels and took the kids to their respective classrooms I tried to focus on the speaker and her message about learning to let go of your past through confession and forgiveness. Phew! It was a rocky start to the day, but we made it!

The rest of the day was better. Although Drew and I are both feeling the loss of our DVD player. It just stopped working a few days ago and now we have to find other things to do in the afternoon while Ava is napping. Drew has been practicing his letters a lot lately and also playing on the computer. I have been using that time to prepare dinner. Today I made tonight's dinner and got tomorrow's crockpot meal prepared.

After dinner I headed over to Sutter for tonight's Hearts of Hope meeting. It was my first time setting up and running the meeting by myself and there were some hurdles. Like when I arrived half an hour early to see my speaker waiting for me outside the classroom because it was full of pregnant ladies and their husbands. I guess our room was double-booked and since they were already in it we had to find another spot. After locating another room I had to make signs to let people know where we were and look for people who might be lost. We finally got started about a half hour late (anyone noticing a theme here?). Once we got started though, our meeting was great! We had a couple of new people tonight and our speaker was our CNS (clinical nurse specialist) from UC Davis. She has been the pediatric cardiology CNS for 25 years! She talked about failing hearts and how they are treated. It was very informative and she even had slides and handouts. We had time for questions at the end and heard about some of the advancements and research that is being done currently. It was a very hopeful evening!


The Portas said...

I have those days often, where everything seems to run a bit behind. Sounds like a productive day for you guys, though! I'm glad you got so much done. Flu shots...we have to get on that. Thanks for the reminder!

Drew and Ava's Grandma said...

I'm so proud of you, Andrea. I have also been in charge of meetings and had to find alternate rooms at the last minute while people waited. Then the whole sign thing, no tape anywhere. Oh, the memories! It can be very challenging, I used to get this shaking feeling inside, I hope you didn't. Glad to hear the meeting went so well, I wish I could have been there.

Did you know our DVD player also gave out 2 days before the kids came to stay with us while you were on your cruise? I made Dad replace it the next day!

Love, Mom

Katie Scott said...

i hate those days when you feel like you are just rushing and are still behind! Good job for getting through it all and is sounds like you had a good meeting!!

Kathy said...

OH...don't worry about being a little late...it always works out! But, I can just picture you yelling at the cars...and your backseat drivers chiming in!!!

That's SO COOl that you were in charge of the group meeting...I wish we had a group to attend...would you come and run one for us!!??

Have you been to Target to see that huge dinosaur yet??

Vanessa said...

I'm so glad your meeting went well. I have my meeting next Tuesday and I always get nervous. I'm not getting speakers yet since we have such a small group. But I'm hoping as we enter the new year things will change.

I'm curious, where do you guys meet? We currently meet at the hospital but I'm thinking about trying to change locations...maybe the RMH? I want it to be more inviting then the same place their children had surgery.

Hope your marathon went well. Your a crazy woman. :)