Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Calcium and Insurance Update

Just wanted to post a quick update.

We got Drew's calcium levels yesterday and they are right where they should be. Yay! Down to only two medications!

The pediatrician called this morning and is going to contact the insurance company today. He said it will probably be denied initially because that is what they do. But I should hear from the managed care people today or tomorrow. At least something is happening.

UPDATE (thursday):
The managed care guy called today. He spoke with the pediatrician, Dr. Parrish and Dr. Hanley. The medical director in the department of cardiology at UCD will meet with Dr. Parrish on Monday and then make his decision. We should know early next week if we've been approved. If not, the fight will begin. Please pray that they give us their approval next week!


Vanessa said...

I'm glad your assessment went well at PA. I will be sending positive thoughts your way as you figure out the behavioral issues. Hopefully it's just Drew being a kid and not the DiGeorge. I know I'm not looking forward to those issues when Arianna gets older.

I am so happy Drew's calcium levels are where they should be. I didn't realize the calcium could fix itself over time....good news for Drew!

Kathy said... more calcium!!!
Two drugs...oh, I can't wait for that day!!!
and I will not even mention insurance companies! I've JUST (like this week) finally got my NICU docs paid their 22k (from 1 year ago)...what a waste of my VALUABLE time!!!
I hope this good news made your day a little brighter!
Have a good night sleep!!