Friday, April 4, 2008

Warning: This is an entire post of complaining.

This morning Drew had his blood test. My plan was to get ready for the gym and take him right after the blood test because he likes playing there. So I didn't take a shower, I put on my gym clothes and loaded up the kids in the car. When we got to the lab I dropped off our medical ID card and sat down with Drew. I let him open the package my mom sent for him "for being sooo brave." He was all ready to go, in the right mind set, when the woman at the front desk tells me that there is no lab request in the computer. I tell her, it's the same as last week, we just need to check his calcium levels. Nope, nothing in the computer. Fine, I load the kids back up and go upstairs to the endocrinology clinic. I tell the receptionist what we need and since it's also the cardiology clinic I ask about the referral to Stanford. No record of a referral, but she'll leave a message for the cardiologist. Fantastic. They resubmit the lab request (even though she says she can see the original in there) and we go back down to the lab.

Drew did such a good job today! He was the best I've ever seen him. Instead of screaming from the second they touch him, he just said "ouch, ouch, ouch" during the stick. Then he calmed right down. I was so proud of him! The sticker book of diggers and dumpers that grandma sent really helped! Then it was back up to the pediatrician's office to see if they had record of the referral from the cardiologist. Nope. At least we have a month and a half to get this part figured out.

Then we had to stop at the pharmacy to pick up Drew's medication. As usual there was not a single parking space. So I parked wherever I wanted to figuring if I got a ticket it was worth it since there was seriously nowhere to park. I take the kids out and load them into the stroller and make my way into the pharmacy. And guess what? My medicine wasn't ready. AGAIN. The poor lady, I lost it a little. I was like, "the pharmacist said he was going to fill it yesterday so that it would be ready today when I got here." She says, "I'm sorry, it's going to be another 30 minutes." So I said, "This always happens! What can I do so that my medicine is going to be ready when you say it will?" She was very sweet and apologetic and said she would give me her name and personal phone number and I could call her before I come. So I apologized and said I knew it wasn't her fault, but it's so frustrating getting the kids in and out of the car and there's never any parking! So I said I'd come back in 30 minutes. As I'm walking back out to the car I thought I saw the parking people at my car giving me a ticket, and I just thought Great! That is awesome. But it wasn't them. Phew!

I move my car and see a parking space open up! I wasn't going to take any chances so I pulled right in and it luckily still had 30 minutes on the meter. Which was a good thing because all I had in my car was two pennies. I didn't even have a dollar to put in the change machine. So now I have to figure out what to do with my two frustrated, tired, and whiny children for half an hour. So we walked around the grass for a while and then went back in because I was going to ask the pharmacy lady for a quarter for the meter. If my medicine was ready when it was supposed to be I wouldn't need any more change! But by then the medicine was ready. Thank goodness, because the kids were tearing up the place running back and forth in front of the automatic sliding doors and some lady even said "excuse me!" to one of them to walk by and get to her window. Whatever lady. They were well behaved two hours ago when we started this wild journey.

By the time we get into the car it is 11:15 and I know if we go straight to the gym they will be starving before my workout is over so I give up on that idea. We did have a good yell session in the car which made us all feel better and we all ended up laughing. We drove by a park close to our house and wanting to be a fun, spontaneous mom I thought "let's stop at the park." So we did and I asked Drew when we were next to the bathrooms if he had to go. No. Then, not two minutes after we get to the playground I hear "I have to go potty!" I tried to take him behind a tree, but it was already too late and he had gone a little bit. ARGH! This is why I asked you three minutes ago if you had to go! Luckily I still carry a change of clothes so he got dry underwear and pants on and we finished our playtime at the park.

I hope the rest of the day goes a little more smoothly. And that I can get to the gym at some point today.


Amber said...

You are so hilarious Andrea! I just cracked up at the "whatever lady" part!! Just another day in the life of a mom...right? I can soooo relate!

Kathy said...

I would have just gone home...and stayed!!! And you WANT to go to the gym...are you ok??
I loved the story!
Hope your weekend is fun and uneventful...can you work on that one??

Katie Scott said...

whew! just listeninng to your morning makes me tired! i am glad we made it to the gym!!

Jessica said...

It's official, chaos must be contagious!
I'm not sure how you caught it from me, but that's definitely my strain of crazy.

Jane said...

Gym? Andrea, even on your bad days you inspire me...