Wednesday, April 23, 2008

One Month

The past week I have been on the phone with countless member services & managed health care people. The information I've been getting has been conflicting and I've been getting all kinds of advice. But today, I am feeling pretty confident that I have the correct information about our insurance coverage for surgery at Stanford. Today I spoke with a lead and made sure that our conversation was documented. She says (and she sounded very confident) that we will pay a maximum out of pocket amount of $3500 for Drew this year. As long as Stanford is a contracted hospital (it is) and our surgery is pre-certified (I will make sure that it is), we will not owe Health Net any more than $3500. There is a slight caveat though. Not all of the providers at Stanford are necessarily contracted with Health Net. If some of them treat Drew while we are there our insurance will pay them the "customary & reasonable" rate, but that rate may not be what they actually charge. They could hold us responsible for the additional amount. Even with this potential problem, this is fantastic news and an answer to prayer! I feel like God made a way for us to go to Stanford. I also think if we had been approved originally we probably wouldn't feel as grateful to have the opportunity to go to Stanford.

So anyway. Today is one month exactly before surgery. I think that I've been doing really well so far, but I have been staying busy with the insurance business. Today I was feeling sad for no particular reason and I think it's my subconscious mind recognizing what will happen one month from today. I was also thrown for a loop yesterday when I read a letter I received in the mail. The pastor of our church is leaving. The reasons they are leaving are valid and I respect that they need to do what is right for their family. But his last day is two days after our surgery. I know it is incredibly selfish, but that is a really bad time for me. I don't do well with change anyway. I don't want a new pastor, or no pastor. I want MY pastor. And even though it won't play a huge role in what happens at the hospital, I've just become accustomed to having Eric stop by the hospital whenever Drew is admitted. He always calls to check on us and offer prayer. And now he will be gone! And beyond surgery I have an attachment to Eric. He baptized me and Dan. He dedicated both of our children. He helped me struggle through some of my issues with suffering and pain and why God allows it and how God uses it in our lives. I know the Christian-y thing to say is that maybe God is opening a door to even greater blessings in our lives. And a church is more than just a pastor. I know. I just feel a little hesitant right now. I'm sure I'll come around soon...

OK, now for a cute story to make me feel better.
Yesterday Ava, Drew and I were sitting on the couch. And Drew put his arms around both of us and said "This is the best family EVER!" Dan was in the kitchen, so Drew said "Dad, you want to be a family with us?" And Dan stopped what he was doing and came over and we had a family hug and all repeated over and over again "best family ever!"

Also, I have the best husband in the world who made me a pina colada tonight! Thanks Honey!


Amy said...

I am so glad things are working out with the insurance, You don't need worries like that. Taylor is having surgery of Friday to have tubes put into his ears, a small surgery compared to Drew, but it is still scary. I have had a hard time sleeping this week knowing what he has to go through on Friday. I loved the story at the end. Out of the blue Taylor will say things like "I love you" and "your my friend". I never get tired of hearing it. We are all thinking of your family and praying all will go smooth.

Molly said...

Perhaps Eric leaving is a reminder from God to rely on Him alone? Don't get me wrong... not that it makes it easier, I'm sure. But I know that you're a strong woman, Andrea, and with God's help you CAN get through this! Especially with all your friend support and the "best family ever"! Why are God's ways never our ways though?

Isabelle & Calista's Mommy said...

SO excited that prayers have been answered and about the cost of surgery!

Sorry that you had a sad day!

How Cute is Drew to understand what an amazing family he has!! He is so right!

The Portas said...

What a cute story!!

I know what you mean about not wanting to endure change when you're in the midst of worry and stress. I'm the same way. Everything will be good, though. Take comfort in and focus on the things that are steady in your life right now. This road leading up to surgery is not a fun one for us parents, but know that WE aren't going anywhere and we will be here for you.

Sending you many hugs right now!! xoxoxo

UbrStrBksMom said...

I totally understand teh selflish sad part... I myself and not ready to look for the "bright side of things" ... Although I'm sure there is one! Maybe tomorrow...

For now praise on the insruance stuff, I love love love kid stories (yes that was 3 whole loves)and your hubby sounds a lot like mine...the good kind!

Drink a pina for me girlfriend

Katie Scott said...

I am so thankful that things are looking positive on the insurance end. I will keep praying that it stays that way!! I am sad too about the Bains--the rest of your church family will help you guys after surgery. We love you guys!!!

Krista said...

Andrea...thanks for the wonderful comments...and for your support! We truly are blessed.

I've been following your "drama" with insurance...I just hate that you have to go through all that...and then worry if the docs are on the "Right side" or not! UGHGH. I am so glad that you are able to go to Stanford though...I've heard nothing but wonderful things...even all the way across the country!

God Bless you...and your two little cuties!

Vanessa said...

I am so glad to hear the insurance issues are over. What an ordeal. I know I don't like change either so I feel your pain. I'm glad you have had that kind of connection with your pastor. I'm not connected like that to ours and beginning to think about going to a different church. It's been so hard because I haven't been to church in months with Arianna in isolation. I can't put her in child care and the nice thing is our church has a little cry room which allowed me to take her there as an infant. Anyways...I'm sure God is lining everything up and we just have to let him do His work.

I'm praying that your anxiety will stay at bay and you will not dwell on the upcoming surgery.

I just love your family moment. That is so cute!