Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Pharmacy Update:
I summoned up the energy to call the pharmacy again on Monday to figure out what happened to our medicine. I spoke with the supervisor who called me back after about 45 minutes. He said it looked like they dispensed the proper amount from their records, but that he looked at our refill history and saw that we are typically very regular about when we request our refill so he is going to have a month's worth of medicine ready for pickup on Friday and he won't charge us our typical co-pay (which is $50 so that's almost even). He was very nice and even spoke with the insurance company who will only give us 22 days at a time and won't authorize a refill until the 22nd day. How does that make sense?! Apparently I need to call the cardiologist and ask him to get a new authorization if we want to have that changed. So I'll add that to my list of things to do.

Surgery Update:
Yesterday while I was at mom connection the coordinator from Stanford called me twice about authorizations and referrals. Last time we talked I left her a message with the phone number of the pediatrician so she could give them whatever information they need to make a referral through the insurance company. When we talked yesterday she was like, "I don't usually do this for families, but I'll do it this time." Uh, thanks for doing your job this time. So she called the pediatrician only to call me back and tell me that I need to call cardiology and have them send the info to the pediatrician before they can call Stanford who will THEN call the insurance company. I'm pretty sure she has the number of our cardiologist, but whatever. I called two different numbers yesterday, neither of which was the proper place to call, and eventually left a message for our cardiologist on his voice mail, hoping he knows what to do next.

Other News:
Not much, just doing our normal routine. We do have one more blood test on Friday to make sure Drew has outgrown his need for calcium (fingers crossed!) and then the developmental assessment has been scheduled for Monday with UCSF. I hope he does well! Oh, and I finally got my mother's ring for Ava. Two years late is better than never and it is beautiful! I'm wearing it stacked with Drew's ring on my right ring finger. Thank you Honey!


The Portas said...

Why does everything have to be so hard? It shouldn't have to be that way! I'm so sorry you have to deal with pharmacies and insurance companies and rude people who don't want to do their jobs la la la, it's all so annoying..

I'm saying a prayer right now for the calcium test!

Molly said...

Oh man. That insurance fiasco sounds like a nightmare. Sigh... although the Canadian medical system had it's flaws, there's definitely some perks that I miss down here... no insurance hassles!

Kathy said...

I ditto everything that Megan said...what's up with all the rude people??!?

I hope everyone in your world chills out...relaxes...and gives you a BREAK! I can't believe Stanford is giving you a hard way to go!
Here's hoping the weekend brings lots of fun!!!