Thursday, January 17, 2008

We're Off

We've packed our bags and are ready to go. I haven't heard so much as a cough, seen a drippy nose, or heard a sneeze. It looks like things are set for tomorrow. We're heading out pretty soon to Palo Alto to stay with Grandma Kathy and then we'll leave early tomorrow morning for UCSF. Please keep us in your prayers! I'll post from the hospital tomorrow.


Isabelle's Mommy said...

PRAYING FOR YOU ALL!! Drive careful!!


Dina said...

I hope everything goes well and as planned. You will get through this. I'm with you, I don't usually follow a lot of other blogs for the fears you talked about. But even with all the sadness I am glad that I have - I feel such a kinship with all of the other heart families - and during stressful times like you are going through right now it makes the road seem much less lonely.
I'll be thinking about you and Drew and checking in on you.

Vanessa said...


I will be praying for Drew as he goes through his cath. I wish I could be there with you tomorrow but know that I am holding you close to my heart. Isn't it amazing how you can meet a fellow heart mom and feel so close to them without ever meeting. Drive safe and update when you can.

God Bless

Mom said...

We LOVE you and are so proud of you, Dan and Drew. I can't wait to hug you when its all over!
Love, Mom

Jamie said...

Love you so! Thinking of you, Dan and Drew. You will get through this. Drew is an amazing little boy because of the wonderful parents you and Dan are.
Love you,

Leslie said...

As always, I'll be thinking of you guys tomorrow. I've got a big ole prayer circle working with a text reminder to folks to say a quick one for little drew: costanzo, schroeder, becca, jocelyn, annie. We're pulling for you guys!

Anonymous said...


I've been breathing prayers for you all day and I will continue through the day tomorrow. I hope the morning brings you all a feeling of peace. Psalm 62:8 says "Trust in Him at all times, pour out your hearts to him for God is our refuse." Seek Him tomorrow, He's there with you. Can't wait to hear about Drew's victory!

Thinking of you,
Amber Maier

The Shemas said...
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The Shemas said...
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