Friday, January 25, 2008

Second Opinion

I spoke with Dr. Hanley this morning. We only talked for about fifteen minutes, but he seems very sweet and so humble! He apologized for taking a day and a half to call us back (I'm sure he's quite busy!) and then he introduced himself and said he didn't know if I knew his name (of course I do!). So he asked me about Drew and I gave him the information that I know. He said he could not give me an official opinion until he sees Drew's records and the images from his caths and echos. But, he did say something a little bit troubling. He said, based on the information I gave him, he's surprised that his surgeons haven't already done a repair. He went on to say that in his practice, he probably would have done it neonatally. This information literally made me sick to my stomach. To think that Drew could have had only one surgery that he would have no memory of! That would have been wonderful. But there is no sense in worrying about what could have happened. What's done is done and we need to move forward from here.

After I got off the phone with Dr. Hanley I called our cardiologist and asked him to begin the process of sending our records over to Stanford. He asked what Dr. Hanley said and after I told him, he said that he wanted to discuss it with me in clinic, but that he basically shared the same opinion. He's contacting UCSF to ask them to send what they have, he's sending what he has from UCD and we'll see what everyone says. UCSF conferences on Tuesday and Stanford conferences on Wednesday, although they may not have all of our information before then. So, it's more waiting. That seems to be a theme lately.

In related news, we have been waiting for four years for all of Drew's teeth to come in and the last two have finally made their debut! I just noticed it today, but the two teeth that Drew has been missing are now coming in. I was so excited to see them! But it also makes me a little sad, because I'm so used to his little smile the way it is. He'll be so grown up looking now.


Kathy said...

YEAH...conference on Wednesday!!!
I know it's killing you...all the waiting. (I'm playing the waiting game right with you!)
Didn't you just LOVE talking to him!
He told us something similar. Isaac didn't go in for his first surgery until he was 5 months old...but, Dr. Hanley said that if would have been born at Stanford, then he would have done the first surgery immediatley...and he would have had the 2nd one at 5months. (which...of course would have been easier on all of us)..but, you can't go back now.

I am so thrilled that you're getting your second opinion from him. I hope you find you answers soon. Try not to pull all of your hair out..and have a fun weekend!

Katie Scott said...

I am so glad that you were able to talk with Dr. Hanley today and he was so helpful! It was fun shopping with you today and dodging those huge rain drops!!

such a far-away kate said...

you sound like you are keeping perspective andrea, and i am very proud of you for that. i love you and cannot wait to come home to love on you all.

Shannon said...

Wow, a personal phone call from Dr Hanley! I am impressed, even though his initial comment is a bit deflating it sounds as if he would be very confident going forward.

We received a second opinion from Stanford and will do so again if/when Wren needs surgery for his SAS. I have heard only great things from families who have gone there and also know one of the

Mom said...

Such encouraging news and teeth, too! Wow, what a week.
Love you all, Mom

Anonymous said...

God is so Awesome!! We are looking forward to some much needed play time with all of you tomorrow!! Love to you
God Bless
Kristina and Tommy

Lexi said...

Thinking of you today waiting to hear after the "call". It was great to hang out this weekend! Have a great day:)