Sunday, January 13, 2008

Ladybug Shower

One of my very best friends is having her first baby, a girl, this February. She is actually due on my birthday! So we are in SoCal and we had her shower yesterday. I wanted this to be the best shower ever, because she is such a good friend. She's thrown me a bridal shower and two baby showers and is so creative she made each event really special. She also took two weeks off of work when Drew was born and stayed with us in UCSF to lend her support and love. And she makes the six hour drive to visit the kids at least a couple times a year. So I wanted it to be perfect!

We had a delicious brunch including a yummy egg scramble, cheesy potatoes, stuffed french toast, bacon, sausage, fruit, juice and mimosas. We worked on a scrapbook of advice & encouragement for the new mom, played some fun games, then opened presents and had cupcakes. It turned out very nicely and I think everyone enjoyed themselves. She got a lot of little girl clothes! And today she is having her family shower (which I'm also attending) and she is sure to get lots more stuff that a first time mommy needs. Unfortunately, my camera ran out of batteries during the shower so I don't have very many photos, but here are a few that I got:

Some of the decorations

Me and Jamie

Some guests working on the "words of wisdom" album

Ladybug cupcakes (I made those ladybugs out of chocolate)

Chocolate covered carmel twist pretzels (party favors) & the invitation


Molly said...

Cute cupcakes!

UbrStrBksMom said...

did you make the pretzels? the whoel thing looks super cute. Great job Andrea....

Meredith said...

I didn't know Jamie was pregnant! Congrats! The shower looked amazing...especially the yummy treats!

Vanessa said...

Hi, my name is Vanessa and I found your site through baby Isaac. My daughter was also born with DiGeorge Syndrome and a CHD. I will be praying that the cath goes well. By the way, love the baby shower, your very creative!