Thursday, January 24, 2008


I called Dr. Parrish on Tuesday and found out that they normally confer with UCSF on Tuesdays (not Fridays, like I thought). They were scheduled to discuss our case that day, but the surgeons were called out (probably to do some lifesaving surgery) before they got to us. They have Drew on the schedule for next Tuesday. So we have more waiting. We decided to cancel Drew's appointment for Thursday because he doesn't need to be seen, really the doctor wants to talk with us about the surgical plan. We decided we would talk on the phone after Tuesday's conference. The big question will be, do we want to get a second and possibly third opinion? Dr. Parrish says we need to say to him "we want a second opinion" because it is not his place to suggest one, although since we have been discussing it he told us he thinks its a good idea. As he said, "if I were going to have them cut open my chest, for the third time, I'd want to be sure I had more than one guy's opinion on it." Which is where this interesting story comes in...

After we got home from the hospital last weekend, Dan says to me "Oh I forgot to tell you what my dad told me while we were at the hospital."
"Oh, what's that?" I say.
"I guess someone he works with at the Gallery, her father is a pediatric cardiothoracic surgeon at Stanford."
"What?!" I gasp. "Are you serious?"
"Yeah, his name is...Dr. Hanley?" he says as though he has no idea who that is. "She said he would be willing to talk with us if we are interested. I have his email and phone number."

OK, so I guess my husband doesn't follow the heart blogs much, but still, he has no idea who THE DR. HANLEY is? He is like the man of pediatric heart surgery. He is a world renown heart surgeon. He was formerly the chair of pediatric cardiothoracic surgery at UCSF before he left to help Stanford begin their program. He pioneered the unifocalization surgery. And apparently, his daughter works with my father-in-law. Is that insane or what?! So we put in a call to him and are waiting for a call back. That makes the second opinion decision a little bit easier I think.


Valerie said...

O-M-G...that is a sign if I have ever heard one!!!

Frank is the MAN of Peds OH Surgery.

We love you


Anonymous said...

Looks like Valerie stole my line! OMG! Does God work in mysterious ways or what?! How crazy is that?! If there's ever a 2nd opinion I'd's his!

I'm excited for you guys!
Amber Maier

Anonymous said...

Little miracles happen every day, from the smile you connect with on the street, to maybe let's say finding out you are 3 degrees of separation from "THE Guy". Aint life grand?

Kathy said...

OMG is right!!! HOW CRAZY!!!
RUN to Dr. Hanley...don't need to talk to him...just gaze into his eyes!!
He is SO awesome!!!
We didn't even cry both times he did surgery on Isaac. He is so confident, so reassuring. He doesn't run during surgery...he stayed with Isaac for 14 hours. He doesn't stop early just to stop..and doesn't try to do more than can be done at one time.
We were just there last week...and he could have opened Isaac up for the 3rd time. But, it was him that ordered test after test to bide him more time to heal to be fully prepared for his 3rd surgery. I hug that man everytime I can. He is the best!
I can't stop smiling for you guys!

Vanessa said...

WHAT...THAT IS AWESOME! I can't belive your father-in-law works with his daughter. This is definitly a sign from God!! I am so happy you are getting in touch with Dr. Hanley. If we have something too complex in our city, they sent everyone to Dr. Hanley, he's the man from what I'm told. What a blessing! Let us know when you hear from him.

Lexi said...

Aren't men funny!!! Not to pick on Dan though because my husband does the same thing! It must be a mom thing... or something I don't know:) But VERY exciting news for you guys! I can't wait to hear what God does next:):)

Molly said...

What can I say... God is good!

Allison said...

I am glad that Drew did so well with the cath...what a tough little guy! Joshua will be headed to UCSF any day now for his cath/Glenn. I love reading your posts because you have a way of saying exactly how I feel.
I am so glad for you to get such a well trusted second opinion! Good for you!
Allison Smith