Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Rough Night

We had a rough night. It seems like Drew has gotten worse since we've been home. He's coughing a lot more and had another fever in the middle of the night. I borrowed a friend's sat monitor and he his oxygen levels are 77%. Normal for him is 85. We gave him two breathing treatments last night which seemed to help a bit, but he ended up in bed with us this morning. Which is fine with me, at least I can see what's happening and have him close by.

We saw the pediatrician this morning for his follow up appointment. She says he didn't have pneumonia and that the x-ray didn't indicate that he did. So I guess we got IV antibiotics just because they didn't know what he had. Then she listened to his lungs and said it sounded like he had pneumonia now. Great. She gave him a breathing treatment in the office and afterwards she couldn't hear it anymore. She said because of that she thinks its a virus and his airways are reacting to it. She called cardiology to check with them and recommended we do around the clock breathing treatments every four hours and see her again in the morning. She is hoping his sats will be coming up by then.

I am concerned. The poor kid is coughing so much he can't eat. Iam hoping we're all doing the right thing by keeping him home. I don't want him to have to be in the hospital especially when we had a perfectly good, working IV in yesterday that we just pulled out.


Melissa said...

Praying for you Himmelburger family!!! I will be praying specifically that Drews stats go up by tomorrow's appt with your pediatrician and that his cough goes away so he can eat! Also, just for your family!!! For the strength, courage, wisdom, and endurance it takes when Drew is not feeling well! Thank you for walking us through your journey!!!! Love, the Sheridans

Molly said...

Dear Lord... please touch Drew right now and give his body strength to fight this bug. Encourage Andrea and Dan with the knowledge that You love Drew even more the they can (which is absolutely awesome). We're praying for a quick recovery Lord! In Jesus' name - Amen!

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry that the little sweet angel has to go through this. Remember, my bags are packed and if you need me, please just let me know.
In the meantime, we are all praying for Drew and for you.
Love, Mom

Quayle Covey Blog said...

Dear Drew,
I love you Drew. I hope you to feel better.