Sunday, September 23, 2007

Drew Admitted to UCDMC

We've had a long day and I am exhausted. We took Drew to the ER this afternoon because he's had a high fever (it got up to 103.1). Nine hours later he was finally admitted to his own room on the pediatric floor. Looks like another pneumonia, but I think it was borderline on admitting us. I'll write more tomorrow, but please keep us in your thoughts and prayers.


here-for-whatever kate said...

i know we just talked but i wanted to get my love and support out here in the blogosphere! i will be praying for you all tonight; call me tomorrow. love love love you!

Amber said...

Oh man! He looked just fine yesterday. :( I hope he starts feeling better soon.

Amber Maier

Michael, Patty and Sophia said...

We will keep Drew in our thoughts. Best wishes for a quick recovery.