Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Getting Better

At Drew's appointment this morning his oxygen sats were back to normal. Thank goodness! He was having stridor (a high-pitched sound heard on inhalation) during rest this morning (not while he was coughing) and so the doctor gave him a dose of steroids in the office. We are now saying it was croup that made him so sick. We are going to continue his breathing treatments and finish the antibiotics and pray for the best.

He was back to his normal self today, running through the doctor's office, riding his bike outside and playing with Ava. It was so good to see him feeling better. It drastically improved MY mood anyway.


Quayle Covey Blog said...

What a relief! So glad to hear he's on the mend. Hope we'll see him at preschool!

Isabelle's Mommy said...

YAY! All the way around YAY!

Jessica said...

I'm so so glad that Drew's feeling better!
And good grief! You'd think with all the newfangled technology the docs wouldn't just be guessing!
It's pneumonia, it's not. It is. It's croup.
whatever it was, thank goodness it's going away! far far away!

Molly said...

So glad to hear some good news! God answered our prayers! And I'm glad to hear that you got to unwind at the JT concert! How fun!

Kacie said...

great news!