Monday, March 26, 2007

We're Home!

Drew was discharged this morning around 11 a.m. He was very excited to come home! He kept saying, "Can I go home to Drew's house? Can I play?" He practically ran out of the unit! He and Daddy both slept well last night but are glad to be sleeping in their own beds tonight. The blood cultures came back negative for a bacterial infection. This is good and bad news. We're glad there is no infection, but that means the IV antibiotics weren't helping him to get better and so the torture of getting the IV in was not really necessary. Of course, the doctors wanted to be careful and start treating him in case of a bacterial infection, but as a mother I wish there was something else they could do.

For some reason I was feeling sad this morning. I didn't really know why, since I knew that Drew would be coming home today. After thinking about it for a while I think I have the answer. When things are crazy I just go an autopilot, dealing with the situation, being there for Drew, arranging childcare for Ava, making plans, feeling somewhat in control. I think once the danger has passed and things are OK the feelings I have been denying come flooding back all at once. It's hard to have your child in the hospital, even when it seems routine. It's hard to split up the days and nights and be away from my husband. It's horrible to watch Drew in pain and scared and know that I can't make it stop. I can only try and make it a little more bearable. And even the days leading up to his hospitalization were exhausting. Worrying really takes a lot out of you!

I think we are all going to try and take it easy for the next couple of days. We all have to adjust to being back at home and get used to our old routines. The laundry can wait a few more days...After Drew's hospitalization last May he was not himself for a few days after we came home. I think he is getting old enough that he needs some time to process what happened, and he doesn't know how to express his feelings. And if I am feeling sad today even though he is home with us, he must be having some feelings that need to be dealt with as well. I am praying that we will all have extra patience for each other.

Bye hospital!

Drew is glad to see Ava


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear he's home.

Kudos to you for keeping it together, I know it's so hard when you have another baby to just drop everything and go into crisis mode.

And extra kudos for letting yourself feel sad too. Although it's routine for your family, it's not just an everyday thing for most families and it's hard. And it sucks. And it's sad.

Jane, Ramona's mom

Jessica said...

I agree, it's very hard to displace your child and yourself and throw your whole life into upheaval, even for a few days. When my Dylan was in the hospital for nine days I had my mom come and stay with Elizabeth to distract her from noticing that mommy was gone. I only saw her once that whole week and a half, because of RSV precautions in the hospital, and then because we were in Phoenix.
It was really hard on me, but just like a kid, she adjusted just fine. Somehow, they always do!

Kym said...

Yay! You're home! I'm so happy for you guys! That picture of Drew waving goodbye to the hospital is perfect.

God bless you this week! Again, you are an inspiration to me because you are forcing yourselves to rest and adjust to life back at home. That is hard to do when laundry is staring at you! ;)

Mustard said...

I'm so glad that you are home now! If there's anything Carolyn or I can do, please let us know. I love your blog and being able to keep up with you guys. Take care and give Drew a big hug for us!


Mom said...

Wr're so glad your little family is all home together again! Put on your jammies and pretend its a snow day and just unwind together. I love you all!