Monday, March 5, 2007

Appreciating the Mundane

The other night I was standing in my kitchen doing the dishes, AGAIN. As I was washing the dishes I started thinking about what I'd done that day and of course one of the things I do is spend time on the internet. I've been following the stories of two different families whose children are hospitalized right now. One family I know (kind of) and one family I just happened upon over the internet. And as I was thinking about them, and all that they are going through right now I realized just how lucky I was to be able to be at home doing the dishes. I'm sure both of those mothers would give anything to go back to their normal lives of cleaning the house, taking care of the kids, complaining about the chores. It's amazing how a little perspective can make you appreciate, and even wish for the mundane things in life.

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Jessica said...

Gah! Now I can't complain about dishwashing! ;)
But yeah, I totally get that. When we were hospitalized with Dylan last winter, I would have given ANYTHING to be home cleaning and cooking instead of sitting in the hospital room watching Finding Nemo, again, en espanol.