Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Long Day

OK. So the good news is that Drew is OK. He just has an ear infection! Can you believe that? A typical kid gets an ear infection and is maybe a little whiny, possibly goes to the Dr. for some antibiotics. My kid gets an ear infection and turns blue and dusky, gets a chest x-ray, and scares me half to death.

This morning I worked for a couple of hours at my old job. In my previous life I worked as a scientist at a DNA sequencing lab, and I am filling in for an employee that is going to be out of town for a few weeks. By the time they hired and trained a temp the other person would be back. So I was happy to help out since I worked there for so long and could use the extra money for my NY trip. ANYWAY, Drew looked kind of blue this morning, but really blue by the time I got home. Cardiology took their sweet time calling us back so I called Dr. P (I seriously love her) and she called me back in 15 minutes and said "How soon can you be here?" So we were off!

I was really, really scared. I've never seen him that blue. But he was acting fine. Still happy and playing and saying hi to everyone we saw. Dr. P saw him and said that he did look really blue, which made me feel vindicated that I am not just an overprotective, over-reacting mother. His sats were 73-75, which I think is a significant drop from last week. He also had a fever, which he did not have at home. And an ear infection. She gave him some tylenol and said she didn't think his fever alone would account for such a drastic color change so she ordered a chest x-ray. Which meant a short drive to the hospital, re-parking and walking to radiology which is as far away from the parking lot as you can get. The radiology technician was nice enough but he thought Drew would be able to stand perfectly still in an awkward position while he took the x-ray. Um, he's 3. He wiggles. Almost constantly. So we had to do those over again with him laying on the table.

Back to Dr. P's office! She checked his ear and his sats again and told us that his chest x-ray looked fantastic! Which was reassuring because I was sure that he had pnuemonia again (he hasn't had it yet this year) and we would be in the hospital yet again and miss my grandma's 80th birthday party this weekend. Slightly neurotic, I know. We got a prescription for some antibiotics and then we were headed to the pharmacy. You would think that's the end of the story but it's not. Because when we got the Safeway pharmacy there were quite a few police cars pulled up in front of the store. As we walked inside I saw a bunch of cops interviewing people and I thought, hmm I wonder what happened. Then I stopped dead in my tracks. The pharmacy was completely shut down. As in metal shutters. Apparently some delinquent teenagers had robbed the pharmacy forcing them to shut down for the day and NOT fill my prescription. I had to call the Dr. back and have her fax it to another pharmacy. Sheesh!
Needless to say while I was there I bought myself some treats: a take and bake pizza, skinny cow ice cream sandwiches and some smirnoff ice. And now my treats and I are going to relax with Survivor and Next Top Model.


deanna said...

Bummer day friend!! I am so sorry!! However on the last part of your blog....the more I get to know you the more we are alike!! you picked up my favorite treats! and I watched the same two shows!!! I hope that you have a better week! Call if you need anything!!

Jessica said...

Dreaded ear infections!
Dylan's on his third this year. They stink!
We are glad that Drew's OK!
Love you!

Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear about the ear infections, but I'm glad to hear that big-picture he's hanging in there. Sorry I haven't called back yet, just been sooooo crazy around here lately. I'm gonna try agin tonite after my Simon goes to bed.

Anonymous said...

Duh. Last commented posted by Jane, Ramona's mom. Can you say sleep deprivation?