Monday, March 12, 2007

Ava's walking!

And it is so cute! She has been taking 2-3 steps for a while now, but never more than that. Then while we were at my mom's house she just started taking off! She took up to 8 steps walking to and from people and then decided she could do it whenever she wanted. She walked across the room multiple times! It's so funny to see her walking around because she is just so tiny! It is definitely time to lock the cabinets! I'll post more walking pictures soon.

Ava walking at Grandma's House with Daddy and GAL watching


Meredith said...

Yeah Ava! Oh man this worries me..she is only 10 months! The thought of Brendan walking in a few months is just crazy. Where did our little babies go? :)

Jessica said...

Oh baby! Once they start walking, it's all over...lock up the cabinets!

I love watching Dylan toddle around the house, he's so cute!
He's 14 months now but he still gets unsteady and falls to his tush now and then, reminding me that he is still mommy's baby boy!