Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Vegas Baby

Last weekend we drove down to Southern California with the kids to my parents' house. We made the six hour drive with relative ease. The kids were great! Drew was occupied with his Lion King DVD and Ava played with a mylar balloon the whole time she was awake. I am going to have to remember that trick for next time! The plan was to stay the night here, then drive to Vegas with my parents so they could watch the kids at the hotel while we went to our friend's wedding. Unfortunately, my mom has been pretty sick and couldn't make the trip. So we left the kids in SoCal where my sister, mom, dad and aunt combined forces to take care of the kiddos.

It ended up working out great. I think it would have been difficult to have the kids in the smokey hotel with no toys and nothing to do. And it meant we had a kid-free weekend! Well, 36 hours at least, and eight hours of that was driving. But still! This would be the second time since Ava was born.

The wedding was beautiful. They had the ceremony outside with all these little white lights illuminating the trees and gazebo. The party was fun! We got to sit with some of our friends from college (it seems like we only see them at weddings now). There was great food, dancing, and lots of talking. After the wedding we hung out at the hotel bar and managed to stay up until 12:30. Hey that's late for parents of two small kids! We still woke up at 7:15 (some habits are hard to break), but it's amazing what a difference uninterrupted sleep makes. We felt refreshed!

I also had an 800% return on my gambling investment. So what if I only gambled $1, 800% is nothing to sneeze at! Plus it paid for almost half of my brunch on Sunday.

Andrea & Steve under the gazebo

The girls at the wedding

The guys with Steve


Meredith said...

I can't believe Steve Wonger is married! Good for him. Lucky you guys having a kid free weekend - we still have yet to do that, but will in July for - you guessed it - a friend's wedding in NY.

Jessica said...

A kid-free weekend??? What is that?
Sounds great!
Congrats to Wong!