Saturday, March 24, 2007

Resting at UCDMC

Drew has been getting some good rest in the hospital. Our roommate left this morning so we've had a quiet room most of the day. Drew has been content to lay in bed and watch movies all day, so I know he's not feeling good. Usually he wants to get up and play, even when he's sick. Our favorite nurse is here taking care of him. She has been his nurse nearly everytime we've been admitted to the hospital. She remembers him from when he was a little baby!

Poor Drew is not really interested in eating or drinking. He had two bowls of cheerios and some fruitsnacks so far. And a couple bites of hamburger. With much cajoling he has had one ten ounce cup of water. So we are going to be working on getting him to drink. He is still getting IV antibiotics and IV fluids and is on a little bit of oxygen (.5 L). He's maintaining his sats pretty well around 80 and even went without oxygen for about four hours. But he still gets pretty low during his coughing spells so we've turned the Os back on. The doctors want to keep him on IV antibiotics for 48 hours until they get the blood cultures back and make sure that its not a bacterial infection. They are estimating we'll go home on Monday.

We have been so blessed by our wonderful friends, Pete and Jen, who have been taking care of Ava all day. I have been with Drew all day and Dan was able to go home and get some sleep. He will be staying with Drew again tonight and I will try to go home and get Ava to bed at a decent hour tonight. Thanks for your support and continued prayers.

Drew with Mommy & Daddy in the hospital

Drew watching a movie in his bed


Kym said...

Hi Dan and Andrea!

We're thinking of you today and praying for all of you.

I love that you are a pillar of strength for Drew ... even when you don't feel like you are, I'm sure the little guy would not be the same without you by his side! You and Dan are an inspiration.

God bless!

Jessica said...

Andrea, you are the toughest mom around. I swear.
I get worried and sniffly every time my kids get even a tiny fever. I freaked when Dylan went to the ER last weekend. You're tough.