Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Getting well at home

Drew is doing so much better now that he's home. He is hardly even coughing anymore. He's pretty much back to his usual self, constantly wanting to play trains, racetrack, cars, etc. We are getting a little cabin fever from keeping him inside and away from other kids. We have our follow up appointment with Dr. P tomorrow morning, so hopefully we will get the go-ahead to resume our normal activities. If that is the case we will be going to storytime tomorrow and gymboree on Friday.

Dan and I both got sick during our weekend stint at the hospital. Dan is feeling better already so I think I only have another day or two before I should be feeling better.

Two cute stories from yesterday:
  1. Drew got to pick two presents before we left the hospital because he had to get two shots. First he picked out a little doll, and I thought, hmm, interesting choice. Then he searched for a car, but ended up with some happy meal toy. Yesterday when he woke up he saw the doll and gave it to Dan and said "open it!" Dan opened it and handed it to Drew, who said "here Ava" and gave it to her! Isn't that sweet? He used one of his presents for his sister. He is such a sweet boy!

  2. At dinner I said to Dan, "Cheers to our family being home and eating dinner together." And we clinked glasses. Drew picked up on this immediately and said "Cheers, Cheers!" and slammed his cup into Dan's, nearly spilling his beer all over the table. I told him that after you clink glasses you take a sip and then he was like a tiny fraternity brother ordering us all to "take a drink!"

Ava walking with her doll

Drew giving us a smile


Take a Drink


DeAnna said...

Glad you feeling better. I am praying for you all! I love that drew was thinking of Ava and shared his toys, that is so special!! Cute cheers story too!!

Mom said...

Ok, that just proves that
Drew is not only the best grandson, but also the best big brother! The "Cheers" thing might be a good way to get those liquids down. Way to go!
Love, Mom

Meredith said...

Drew is such a good big brother! I never would have picked a present for my little sister :) So glad everyone is home and doing okay! Cheers!

Jessica said...

Drew is SUCH a good boy!!

I get a kick out of thinking of him yelling "consume!!"
But that's just me!