Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy Independence Day!

We celebrated our independence from the hospital today with good friends at a backyard BBQ. The weather was perfect and I kept thinking how glad I was to be there with them and not stuck in the hospital or in a hotel. It was great to see the kids interacting with their friends and great to just BE among friends. Drew was so excited about the fireworks, but once they started he was really scared of them. He ended up watching a movie in the car so he didn't have to hear them. Ava missed her afternoon nap so she went to bed early and missed the fireworks too. But Dan and I (and our friends) really enjoyed them! Thank you to Valerie's friend at TNT who provided them!

Drew with A LOT of fireworks

Ava at the BBQ

Drew at the BBQ

Opening the fireworks

He can't wait!

Our attempt at a family photo

Finally time for the show!


Kate said...

oh, so cute to see the next generation of jingoists coming along so nicely! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Sooooo glad you were there to celebrate the 4th with us. It wouldn't have been the same without you.:)

Thanks for the awesome fireworks Valerie!!! THey were a big hit. Thanks for sharing them with us Drew!


Isabelle & Calista's Mommy said...

Happy Independence Day from the hospital too!! It was so great to see you all at the BBQ!! LOVED THE VIDEO!!

Molly said...

Man those are some cute kids. You just gotta look at the video and think... "we are blessed". Sooooo great to see you guys and celebrate your independence from the hospital.

Taria M. said...

Praise God for all of his blessings! I'm so very thankful that you guys got to come home to your own beds, and be together as a family in your own environment once again. Your strength over the last six weeks has humbled me beyond words, and I thank God for protecting your sweet boy (and each of you) throughout this trial. You are all so wonderful, and led by great example. God Bless you Himmelbergers!

Carrie said...

It has been awhile since I have been able to post although I have been following Drew's progress carefully. Thanks be to God for all of his blessings! I am so happy for you that you have been able to come home!

Lindsay said...

I'm so glad you're home and Drew is doing well.
I have gotten so used to reading daily blog entries that I am missing them! I guess it means that you are back to your normal lives. Yay!

Laura said...

seriously...this is the BEST news that i've heard since i don't even know when. i'm glad you guys had a happy 4th and that you're home and safe and happy. i love you all and can't wait to see you (sometime) this summer. xo!

The Portas said...

What a PERFECT way to celebrate your own independence!! I am so happy for you guys. It melts my heart to see normal, happy, hospital-less photos on your blog. You endured soo much in the past few months. You deserve all the happiness and independence in the world. I'm glad you had a nice 4th celebration! Have a good Monday! xoxoxo

Anonymous said...

Ok that video made me a little sad. Although Tony and I had a blast in NY on our honeymoon I am sad Tommy was not a part of that picture this year!! I am so so glad to hear you guys were able to make it!! Can't wait to see you guys