Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The zoo

We made it back to the PA Junior Museum and Zoo yesterday. It's very small, but was perfect for just walking around for an hour with the kids. And it's free! We looked at peacocks, turtles, ducks, geese, rabbits, raccoons, fish, bats, a hawk, an owl, ferrets, rats and probably some other stuff. Then we went to Grandma Kathy's house and played and had lunch. My friend Julie met me and we had our mini spa day. She had a facial, I had a massage and then we had lunch. Then it was back for a mani/pedi for me--I needed it bad! Thanks for the fun day Julie!

This morning I talked with the radiology people about Drew's CT tomorrow. We have to be there at 6:15 am! And we have to check out of the hotel by 11. So, we've got to figure out how we're going to get all of that done. The rules are no food after midnight, clear liquids til 4:30 am, then nothing til after the CT. They plan on putting Drew out, then starting a "big IV," injecting the contrast and starting the scan. I hope it all goes well, I'm sure that it will, but it seems like it's a bigger deal than I thought it was. I'm mostly concerned about his mental state, I don't know how he'll react to going back to the hospital for a procedure.

Today we are going to spend more time at Grandma's house and maybe visit the duck pond. Hopefully the next post will be letting you know that we're on our way home!

Looking at ducks and turtles

Checking out the fish

Riding a tortoise

Drew and a tortoise (it's not real)

Both kids loved the rabbit!

Drew holding his linezolid infusion ball--it's pretty cool, you just connect it to the IV port and unclamp the line and in it goes!

Being silly in the bathtub


Katie Scott said...

OOOhhh, I am the first to comment! Loved seeing all the cute pictures! Hoping and praying to see you guys tomorrow...

The Portas said...

YAY for silliness and zoos and fun things. I'll be praying for the CT scan to go smoothly tomorrow and then for you to be sent HOME! Everything will be great, I can feel it. You guys soooo deserve to be home where you can start healing from this experience.

Sending love and prayers your way!

Linda said...

Drew and Ava fit in that bath tub better than they fit in our kitchen sink! They look terrific! We'll be on our morning walk tomorrow so it will be perfect timing to pray for Drew as he walks into the hospital. We'll pray for peace for each of you, and wonderful, clear, healthy results!


Isabelle & Calista's Mommy said...

I love seeing him in these pictures, he looks so happy and back to normal. I am praying for a great Ct so you can come on home! We miss you so much!!

Valerie said...

Another fundraiser on my blog.....check it out!

Can't wait to see you guys!

Kate said...

yes, this is the way things should be. zoo trips and silly bath-time. just shift everything three hours east-northeast and it's just right! See you tonight, hopefully for the very LAST time in palo alto!!!

Shannon said...

I hope it all goes well tomorrow. To make it easier to organize everything why not keep the hotel room for another day so you can check out after the procedure and head straight out.

Anonymous said...

It's so nice to see Drew back to being a regular kid. I love the self portrait of the two of you looking oh so cute and happy.
I am praying hard that all goes well for Drew tommorrow and you get to come home to us. Be ready for lot's of time hanging out to makeup for lost time.

I bet Ava's happy to take baths with her brother again. Are they fighting yet? Then you know your back to normal.

We can't wait to see you!

Party of 5 said...

love the pic of the 2 kiddos in the bath. Must feel GREAT to have them do normal things together like that. Hope everything goes well tomorrow with the CT scan - and you can head home!!!! Kacie

Grandma said...

Hi Andrea,

I just love the pictures of the kids. They both look so happy.
Sending lots of love your way!


Vanessa said...

What great pictures! It's awesome to see you out doing normal stuff. I know Drew may not be happy about going back to the hospital but I hope all goes well. I'm praying you get good results and get the okay to go home!

Anonymous said...

Praying for a good CT scan and a straight shot to Sacto! You're on the can do it!...can't wait to see you guys!!!
lots of love and hugs,

Grandma said...

I just got your message that you are all on your way HOME!!!!!

Can't wait to hear the details,but for now I am the happiest and most grateful Grandma around.

Love you all!