Sunday, July 20, 2008


This weekend I got together with some of my college friends for a little reunion. We all gathered in Calistoga to do a little wine tasting, get some massages & facials and reminisce about our college days. It's been 8 years since we graduated and some of us have seen each other many times since then and others I haven't seen at all. We've scattered around the country and had people flying in from Washington DC & Ohio, and driving from Arizona, San Diego, San Francisco & Sacramento. We're all in different life stages and it was amazing to me how natural it was to just be together again. It was so much fun! The only problem was how quickly Sunday morning came.

Dan very graciously stayed with the kids while I was gone, even though they both had colds and he had a fever that got as high as 102.6! My poor sick husband! He is the best! Luckily he feels much better today. I got home this morning around 10:30 and it was right back to reading stories and folding laundry. It was a wonderful weekend, but I am glad to be back at home with my family. See you girls in a couple of years!

Our party of 9 (plus Baby Ben) outside Sequoia Grove

Andrea, Jessey, Rahna, Meredith, Julie, Monica, Chelsea, Jen, & Crystal

Tasting the bubbles at Mumm

Getting a little tipsy at Silverado

Monica, Jen & me, definitely tipsy in the backseat


Anonymous said...

You look so beautiful in each of these pictures!! You are inspiring me to get my college girls together.

Grandma said...

I agree, you look great. That is an adorable sassy little black dress you have on, too.


The Portas said...

Girl time is so wonderful!! It looks like you all had a blast. Andrea, you look great. Good to see some GOOD, fun pics! xoxoxo

Anonymous said...

Hey Andrea,
Looks like a good time was had by all! It was nice seeing a picture of Julie. Also, I must agree, you looked mighty adorable in "your sassy black dress."
Love, AL