Thursday, July 31, 2008

And the winner is...

Yesterday we drew the names for the raffle. It was very scientific. Everyone who bought a ticket was assigned a number. I carefully wrote out the appropriate number of tickets for each person.

Dan skillfully crumpled each paper into a uniformly sized ball. We decided they would mix better than if we just folded them.

After mixing the tickets to assure randomness, Drew reached into the vase to pull out each ticket.

And the winners are:

Katie & Andrew Scott - $100 Mikuni gift card

Paula Lawrence - $100 gift certificate to Center Court with C Webb

Gina & Gary Lambeth - $100 gift certificate to Ruth's Chris Steak House

Erick & Julie Soderlund - $100 gift certificate to Waterboy

Vanessa Whang - Brunch for two at Piatti

Laura Kronbetter - personalized baby blanket & booties

Paul & Kathleen DiBlasio - $35 Mary Kay gift certificate

Congratulations to all the winners! Valerie will be mailing your prizes to you shortly! Thank you to everyone who purchased a ticket or donated a prize. And a big giant thank you to Valerie for coming up with this idea and organizing the whole thing. Thank you for all of your help!


Kate said...

yay, katie just said that she was hoping for a win! congratulations to everyone else too!

Beth Whitney said...

Ok, so the person that won the blanket won't have it mailed out yet. I need to know the info!!
Andrea has my contact info, and you can get in touch with me that way...

kritiostodd said...

Boooo00!!! It's rigged!

Just kidding....glad you guys are back and getting settled into "normal" life again.