Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Sweet Memories

I'm just sitting here thinking of Kevin Frandsen, sweet man that he is. This is Kate by the way, not Andrea. She can't think of a thing to say although of course there have been activities galore. There was a delightful play-watching and free-wine-drinking and some gym-going and i'm sure she'll fill you in.

However, tonight I'm here to talk to you about India. That's right, India. Here's a little story: Last night Andrea was collecting some money from Dan for dinner. That's because Dan is the one who works and makes the money. ANYway, there was an extra three dollars. Drew said, "is that for me?" and Andrea said, "no, what would you do with money?" Drew said, "give it to the kids." His vacation bible school class is sending money to orphans in India. So of course that's terribly sweet and Andrea gave him the money at which point Drew said, "that's not money. That's DOLLARS!" Adorable.

The laptop is getting hot and it may be clear by now that I have nothing to say and that it's probably a bad idea that Andrea gave me the computer when she was logged in to her blog. Good day to all.


Lexi said...

Thanks for the post Kate!!! Drew you are an amazingly loving kid!!!! We pray for you every night!

J and A said...

We love your posts Kate. They make us laugh and smile. :)

Vanessa said...

Drew always amazes me! His parents certainly raised a good boy.

Andrea, I just set Arianna's blog to private and don't have your email to send you an invite. If you email me at then I will send you an invite.