Friday, August 1, 2008

When you least expect it

I have been sort of teary lately. Not for any particular reason, besides the obvious. But I just have tears at the ready. Anything remotely sad and there I go. Some of it has made sense. Visits to the hospital. Attending the support group meeting last night. And then today it was Costco.

I was having a conversation with the checker about renewing my membership. Apparently they sent out the renewal in May or June. Aha, that would explain why I may have missed it, we were a little busy in May and June. I told him my son had heart surgery. And the bagger asked if he was ok now. I told him, yeah, we were there for a long time and had lots of complications, but he's ok now. And he told me that he lost his beautiful sister to a heart attack. When I asked how old she was, he told me she was 7. I asked if she had a congenital heart defect and he said yes. They are from Ethiopia. They were trying to get a visa to come here and have surgery and she died two weeks before the visa came through. I told him I was very sorry.

And then I went on my way, trying not to cry in another parking lot! As much as I hate surgery I can't imagine not having that option. And having to watch your child die while you wait on paperwork to get her to a place that could save her. I just feel so grateful to live here and have access to the very best medical care. Tonight I stayed a little longer with Drew at bedtime. I let him fall asleep on me and just laid there for a while holding a miracle in my arms. And I thanked God for giving me this incredible gift.


Kate said...

lovely andrea, isn't it strange how many conversations you've had with such diverse people as a result of drew's illness? i'm so glad and thankful that you are here, with the opportunities which that affords your family. jingoism or not, america is okay with me!

Taria M. said...

I can tell you this sweet child of God, I shared some tears with you over your beautiful post. God is using each experience in your life, and He is using you. Continue to thank him in EVERYTHING, and His love will pour down upon you. God bless you, Andrea, and God bless your wonderful family tonight.

DeAnna said...

That is so sad for that family. I am thankful too that Drew has been able to get great medical care and that he has a Mommy as wonderful as you! Sending you a big hug!

christa olson said...

you are such a wonderful mother,caring friend,inspirational writer and compassionate christian. thank you for allowing yourself to feel and share your emotions. i'm so happy that everyone is well.

Vanessa said...

That is a really sad story but it does make me more thankful for living here and having the option for surgery. I think we all go through this from time to time. You just went through a major ordeal with Drew and it will take some time to put those emotions on the back burner. They will always be there but you'll get to the point where it won't make you cry at every little thing.

Take it one day at a time.


Anonymous said...

An excellent reminder to be so grateful for what we have. I had two friends from high school die on Thursday of separate tragic events. They both were parents of small children. It just reminds me to cherish every moment God gives us with them. I love you for sharing this story with us Andrea